Home and away

All I can say is will she keep it?


7. What have I done

I jumped out of bed and said today was the day I fully saw sorry I heard a ding on my phone saying Louis "loved the other night good sex"I screeched and asked my self was it safe or not I messaged back saying "what" my phone dinged saying you don't remember and then I remembered. That I had to much to drink so I was drunk and it wasent safe I stressed out and drove to Liam house I mocked on his door and he open and when he saw me he shut it I decided to say it out the front and hoped he heard me."look I'm sorry for what I've done I'm sorry that we were put in the news paper but you kissed me I hoped can still be friends as I like you. He opened the door and said why dident you just say it and made out with me it felt so good as our lips moved together.

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