Home and away

All I can say is will she keep it?


2. My university

I dropped my diary and went to school.when I went to school I ran into my cousin Niall who was the only one who supported me I was quite nervous when I got into class but I knew that Niall will be with me all the way after answering maths questions I moved onto my HSC I started getting sweaty and couldn't do it "are you alright" asked the teacher in the background I blocked it out and said yes I shook as I took my first touch on to the paper I took a huge breath and started answering the first question.

After a few hours I was finished and it Was time t hand it in breath in and breath out "here you go" I said and then walked out the class for recess.

I asked Niall if I could sit with him as usual where I sat with his best friend Liam who I always talked to and on my left was Shelley who was in year 10 and was nails girlfriend I went to go get recess and sat down and ate my potato chips quietly as usual the bell rang and we went back to class "bye Liam, bye Shelley" bye they all said as I walked in to class I never wagged or skipped as I found it hard but I always wish I could when I walked back to class there was no one there so I asked a student and they said "Mr mangiers class is skipped so you can go back home " I thought to myself YES  and then walked home on my way home I ran into Liam where he asked "would you like to go meet up at Nialls since I had nothing on I simply replied yes and walked to Nialls .

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