Home and away

All I can say is will she keep it?


5. It's over.....or not

I woke up and dident want to get out of bed I realised that I should have said sorry to Liam for acting like a child I found my true feelings and thought how stupid am I I went down stairs and apologised he still dident like the way I acted and said I won't accept I walked up stairs crying realised what a stupid bitch I thought that's why everyone hated me so much I lied in bed and cryed I heard my phone ding and it was a message telling me if I would like to go to Ashley's party I dident even know her but she must of just invited the whole school I simply replied yes . I said yes to get my mind of things. It was time to go to the party so i put on my black high heels and black earrings I put on my pink dress and tied my hair into a high pigtail I put on a pink head piece and. Went I had my own car so I drove of without telling anyone I got to the party and everybody treated me like I was god I wondered why I asked them why and they all said haven't you seen your in the newspaper I said what and turnt  the pages I saw me kissing Liam. It turnt out that someone had taken a photo of us together now I realised my life was over I saw a cut boy heading my way he asked me to dance I replied sure.

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