Beauty and the Orc

Vanya's never seen an Orc before. She'd heard of them, of course, about how hideous and cruel and evil they were. All that she heard, however, did not stop her from tending to a wounded Orc she found in her father's barn, though she didn't know what it was at first. What will happen as she and the orc slowly learn to trust each other?
(Hi guys! Because I am so obsessed with LOTR, I am going to try a fan fic! Please comment, like,fav, and please leave feedback! And also, it's kind of like a crossover with LOTR and Beauty and the Beast :/ )
WARNING: A fair amount of swearing.


4. Lucky Woman

The next day, Vanya was mostly kept busy by her daily chores and thought very little or not at all about the orc in the barn. She had just finished slopping the hogs when she heard the front gate slam.

"Anybody home?" Called a familiar voice. 

"Oh no, what could he want?" She groaned to herself. "Coming." She replied loudly.

She went back inside and washed off her hands, then reluctantly opened the door to her unwanted visitor. "Good day, Vanya." Suiadan kissed her hand and bowed extravagantly.

"Hello again, Suiadan." She said, trying extremely hard not to let her lack of enthusiasm show. "May I help you?"

He brushed past her and came inside. He plopped himself down in her father's favorite chair and propped his boots up on the table. "You most certainly can. Picture this, Vanya, my dear. A large house near to the village, my latest kill roasting over the fire, the kids playing on the floor with the little wife, massaging my feet."

She played dumb. "Oh, that sounds lovely. And who is the..uh..*lucky* woman who has caught your eye? Do I know her?"

Suiadan jumped up, his hands on his hips. "It's you, Vanya!" He slowly advanced on her.

She stepped back and found herself pressed against the door. "Oh, Suiadan, I'm speechless..I'm flattered.."

He leaned in, his eyes closed. "Say no more, dearest Vanya." He puckered his lips.

"But, I really must! I just don't deserve you!" And she opened the door and he fell forward without the support that he'd been leaning on. He landed face-first in a mudpuddle.

She bit back her giggles at the sight of his mudspattered face as it turned bright red in embarrassment and temper. He pushed himself up and growled at her father, who was headed for the house. "I'll have Vanya for my wife, make no mistake about that!" And then he left.

Her father watched the ignorant suitor attempt to wipe the mud from his cheeks and only succeeding in smearing it. When Suiadan was no longer within sight or earshot, he chortled and said. "That man is as stupid and as stubborn as an old mule."

"No doubt. The only thing he needs is the ears to complete the ensamble." She agreed.

He grew serious and sighed as he hung up his dripping coat to dry by the fire. "There'll be trouble when he figures out that you really don't want to marry him at all. He has a lot of support in town and if he wanted to, he could force you into it."

She set to work on fixing the midday meal. A simple deal made of sweet bread she'd baked the other week and a cup of fresh milk and half of a dried apple. "It won't come to that. He'll soon find some pretty village girl to slake his lust and end up marrying her without a thought of me left in his head."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Her father said solumnly. "When he gets a thought in his head, it sticks. I think it must be because it gets caught up in all the rocks."

She nearly ended up spurting milk out her nose. She laughed with him, making merry of a dire situation. They made the most of the time that they spent together, but soon he had to go back to work and she cleared the table and tended to the dishes.

When that was done, she brought the meal cloth out again and put the last of the sweet bread and apple in there. She decided that she might as well give the rest of the milk to it as well, since it would go to waste otherwise. 

She planned on asking the orc what its name was again. And it didn't matter if he didn't answer today, she'd just ask again tommorrow. Eventually, it would have to tire of her constant questioning and tell her. Perhaps it would be a name it made up to quiet her, but it would be something to refer to him as that sounded much more civil than 'it' or just 'he' in her thoughts.

When she pushed the barn doors open, she heard a sharp hiss and a frantic movement. "Shut the damn door!" It screamed at her. "You can see me well enough, shut it!"

She remembered something she'd learned about orcs a long time ago, they weren't able to handle sunlight. So she closed them quickly behind her and, true to his word, she could fairly pinpoint where he was.

He still couldn't move much, but it seemed he could borrow himself under the hay. His head popped out from the stack that he'd used as a shield. It was comical, the expression of shock on his ugly face and she would have laughed if she weren't so uneasy around him. "Did you bring the goods?" He said as if there was some sort of great conspiracy going on.

She nodded and pushed the food and drink forward."I heard voices." He muttered around the bread in his mouth. "It was you and another Tark."

"Suiadan." She explained what happened and he laughed crudely at the part where the man had landed in the mud.

"You humans are so soft on each other. If he had been an orc, he would have just carried you off, to hell with what you thought of the matter." Commented the orc as he drained the last of the milk.

"That's barbaric!" She exclaimed in shock. "Utterly indecent!"

He grinned, baring his fangs, at which she inwardly flinched. "Orcs ain't exactly the type to sit around having tea parties and eating little biscuits. We really don't give a shit about anyone 'cept for ourselves and Sauron." He gave a short snort. "But he's gone, so's we don't really care about him no more, either."

She nodded, as if she understood, even if she wasn't sure that she did. "Will you tell me your name now?"

It growled deep in its throat, but it wasn't a threatening sound. More like a frustrated one. "You're gonna ask me that until I get sick of it, aren't ya?" She shrugged and smiled. It grumbled something under its breath.

She cocked her head to the side to hear better. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I said my name's Gnash." It muttered. It gave her back the cloth and cup. "Why are you doing this, anyway? It ain't exactly gonna pay off for you. I could be planning to ransack your house as soon as I can or murder you the next time you come in here."

She kept her smile as she went to the door, but just before she left, she turned to him. "Well, Gnash, I'm helping you because it's the right thing to do. People have little to fear from your people now, so I'm not very impressed by your attempt to scare me away. And," Here she grinned. "If you do try something, I'll have you know that the axe we keep in the house isn't just for chopping firewood." A wink, and she was gone. The orc waited for a while, thinking over her words. "She's not that bad." He decided."For a Tark's bitch." He added hastily.

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