New life , New couples , new love

Angelica has a perfect life in California and would not trade it for a thing . But then her parents tell her that they are moving to England and she thinks everything's ruined . As soon as Angelica lands in England she hates it . And so Does her big brother Josh . Days later Josh and Angelica start to go to their new high school, Angelica as a sophomore and Josh as a senior . Angelica has always hated her brothers friends back in Cali , but she defiantly shows interest in her brothers new 5 best friends .


1. The Life in Cali

I've lived in California my whole life . And finally this sophomore year looked perfect , except for my big brother , Josh and his friends , they always bothered me . Some of his friends have known me since I was in diapers , others well they met at school , my brother has known his friends because of the park near our house , all of them started to be friends at the park. Then I was born later on and sure they played with me while I was a baby , but as we all got older they annoyed me and I hated them and that's all , same today . Anyways back to the "perfect" , my life was perfect because I was an all-star cheerleader a high school cheerleader and I was part of the dance crew at my high school , I was "popular" , and it was the last year I would have to go to school with my idiot brother and his friends . All the girls melted over my brother And his friends ; Josh , Alex , Andrew , and Jacob . I didn't get it but oh well they were going to leave this year anyway ! 


I woke up to my brother and his idiot friends playing Justin Bieber songs and sitting in a circle in my room .

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM ! Why are you here ???!!!" I yelled at them and yawned it was 5:38 am .

"Get up lazy ! It's the first day of your sophomore year ! We even invited Kimmy to come over today , c'mon lazy ass . Mom left for work and she'll be mad if she finds out I didn't get your butt up for school especially on the first day" my brother kicks me over and over again 

"Can you please turn off the stupid Justin Bieber ! Jesus Jacob , you might as well be gay if you like him that much !" I yell at my brothers friend , Jacob , who has a serious case of bieber fever .

"Angie you are so rude and especially for someone people call Angel !" My brothers friends laugh 

I get up out of my bed and kick Jacob in the shin and he tackles me down to the floor and hugs me so tight and sings a lullaby he would sing to me when I was a baby . "God Jacob get off me . That doesn't work on me anymore I'm 15 ." I push him off me and then I tell them to all leave my room. They do as they are told . I head to my bathroom and take a quick 10min shower I dry off and stay in a towel wrapped around my body . I brush my teeth then wash my face . Then I change into navy green camouflage leggings , a black tank top , a black leather jacket that goes only up to mid waist , and my black doc martins . I went downstairs to the kitchen where my brother , his friends , and Kimmy are waiting for me . 


"Wow you took 40 mins ! Slow poke . Here's breakfast ! No time for pancakes and stuff ." Alex frowns and throws me a nectarine . I grab my blue backpack that I had prepared last night and had already made lunch for myself . So Kimmy , My brother , his friends , and I just walk to the car while I ate my nectarine .


"I like your new kind of plain-little-punk-style ." Kimmy says to me as I take another bite of my nectarine and finish it off then throw it in the trash

"Thanks , as usual you have your girly-totally-Kim style !" Jacob and I laugh 


"Hey ! Everyone has their on style . And I li-" my phones ringing interrupts Kimmy . I pick it up , "Hey Dad , how's Africa ?" I ask my Dad "Good the business trip is fine , I just wanted to check in, are you on your way to school already ?" My dad asks as I get in the car. "Yup Dad" I barely get to finish 2 words "I gotta go sweetie! Bye !" He hangs up . As usual , my Dad is a scientist he goes on lots of business trips because people have found new species or something . He's always busy working and my mom is a doctor and is always at work to . They don't spend much time with me and my brother anymore but we didnt care . 

 "Shot Gun!!!!" Allen screams 

"Youngest ones in the back !" Jacob rubs it into my face 

"Says the one that has bieber fever !" I shoot back at him and get into the trunk and he frowns. Our car is a truck and its a pathfinder, black, and it has that tire on the trunk. So, sizes of humans can fit in the trunk and I guess Kimmy and I still fit . Kimmy and I have been best friends since we were in diapers , I had met her at the park like my brother met his friends.


Authors Note: Sorry for the bad chapter but trust me it gets Better!!! Please just read more and trust me you'll like it . One Direction will be coming soon.

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