It Started With A Like

Sammi has always had a hard time in school with bullys... But one day on YouTube she finds a collab channel called Our2ndLife...all i can say is they save her life.


2. Who Is She???


Trevor's POV


               My new single was just put on ITunes and this is something i have been waiting my whole life for. Music has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember. My dream has always been to preform in front of crowds and to inspior people with my music. I get tweets, comments, and messages about how i have kept people from commiting suicide. That motivates me to keep doing what i love.


              After i get back from the studio check my twitter and upload a slefie to Instagram because thats how I do. As people start to like I go to my notifications and i see this girl. She had to have been the prettiest girl i have ever seen. I went to her profile and comment on her picture saying " Hey Babe". I liked a few of her pictures and followed her. I couldn't let her go. In her bio it said KIK me!! so i did.


             I sent Hey Babe and she freaked out! she said it was her dream to meet me and the rest of O2L. She told me how I saved her live and how she used to cut but once she found O2L she stoped.That amazed me.


Sammi's POV


                   I got a text from a random number. It said to go kill my self. but trevor had liked my picture so i was in a good mood!!About a minute later he kiked me!! we started talking and we talked all night. I told him how he saved me from commiting suicide. He thought when people said those things that they were lying. I said it might be to soon to say this but i love him!

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