It Started With A Like

Sammi has always had a hard time in school with bullys... But one day on YouTube she finds a collab channel called Our2ndLife...all i can say is they save her life.


3. It Will Happen

Trevor's POV


               We talked for hours. At 3:00AM we had to stop talking because we both had school in the morning. I layed down for a little while but i couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about her. She had a amazing personality. She was amazing. It had to be love at first sight... at least for me.


                The next morning i woke up and draged my self to the shower. Even in the shower i was thinking of her. I thought to myself " I have to meet her" .I got a idea to surprise her. During my shower i thought how i was going to do this. I finally figured it out. I'll pick her up from school.


                After my shower i get dressed and go to school. Between periods me and sammi would text each other. I brought up the question where did she live? she said florida. She asked where i live and i said california. She said she had to go and we both said goodbye and went to class.


             I wanted to get to florida as soon as possible so I was looking for flights in class. I got caught by the teacher. He took my phone away and sent me to the principal. He asked why i was on my phone and i said i was looking for a flight to florida. He asked why and i said to go see my girlfriend. I was thinking in my mind "shes not my girl friend but I would do anything for her to be my girlfriend". The principal sent me home without my phone so I couldn't text Sammi. 


                I called my mom with the school phone and told her what happend and to come pick my up. I didn't say anything about sammi though.I don't want my mom to make a big deal about it so i didn't tell her. When I got home I got my phone back and I got 7 new messages from Sammi. She thought that something had happend to me. She really cares about me. I don't know if she means dating wise or best friend wise. I've never had a girl friend before so I dot really know.



Sammi's POV


               He's not answering? Is something wrong?  What happend? My boy- my friend what happend! i'm so worried! TREVOR PLEASE ANSWER ME! I sent that last text and he answered. relief came apon me when he responded. He just means so much to me and i couldn't go on if something happend. I was thinking about telling him about what happend today but i didn't. I didn't tell him that  was pushed down on the side walk into the mud. i wanted to so bad but i didn't.


                 I tell him everything but I don't want him to worry so ill leave this out . "its not that big of a deal..right ?" i say to myself. When i finish mumbling that to myself.



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