It Started With A Like

Sammi has always had a hard time in school with bullys... But one day on YouTube she finds a collab channel called Our2ndLife...all i can say is they save her life.


1. The Begining


Sammi's POV

          I'm so done with all the rumors , the lies , the hate , the everything! And to add to that finals are next week!!! I've never been the smartest kid in my grade and i get made fun of because of that. The only thing that relaxes me is YouTube. What i usually do is go home, study for a few hours and then go on YouTube until i fall asleep. One day i found this collab channel called O2L or Our2ndLife. These boys were something special. I watched one video then another and another! and next thing i know is its 6:00AM and i have to go to school! but i wanted to watch there videos so I faked being sick so I could stay home.


           After I watched all of the O2L videos I went to their main channels. I started with JC because he is so insperational . Ricky, Trevor , Kian and Sam , and then Connor. Then my best friend Kaitlyn or Kate texted me saying that people said i must have killed my self and that everyone was better that way. When i heard that I cried to the point where i couldn't see anymore. I grabed my blade from under my bed , as i put it closer to my wrist i thought about what JC had said and how it will get better. Its easier said than done but I really felt like I could do this , I felt like he really believed in me.


            Later that night my mom walks in and asks what i want for dinner. I say Taco Bell because O2L loves some taco bell. it was thursday so as i ate my tacos i watched JC's new video which was hilarious! he reacted to a bunch of videos!! after I watched a few more videos like JennxPenn and Joey Graceffa I slowly drifted off to bed.


             I wake up to the annoying but fimiliar sound of my alarm clock. As I slip out of bed i walk to my bath room to get ready. I turn the nob of the shower , get undressed and wash off. When my shower is over I wrap a towel around my body and walk on over to my closet. It was hot out today so i decided on a croptop from forever21 and a pair of black high wasted shorts from PacSun. One of my style icons is Andrea Russett .I walk down stairs, grab my car keys and head to school.


            As I pull into to school parking lot i can already hear people laughing and see people glairlng. I always tried to think what i ever did to them to make them hate me so much. I try to think that its just another day and it will be fine. As i get out of my car i grab my books and walk to my first class with my head down. As the day passes i always look forward to 7th period with Mr.Montgomery. He is the only person that truly under stands me.


           As i drive home i stoped at TacoBell for a snack because i forgot to eat breakfest again! I finally get home and go upstairs to my room to do my homework.I pull out my books and start to work on my english home work. i finish that pretty quick. As i go to pull out my math work i get a text...



Thank you guys for reading chapter 1 of my fanfic!! chapter 2 coming soon!!

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