When You Said "Forever"

Leah and Austin have been bestfriends since they were 12. They are now 16 and both in love. They think the other is only thinks of their relationship as "best friend" status. Follow them on their road to realize the two of them are the lovers in When You Said "Forever"


2. Chapter One:Year 10

Leah's POV

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" My alarm goes off notifying me that it is six in the morning. I drag myself out of bed and sulk into my private bathroom. Today is the first day of school. Year 10 to be exact. I put my galaxy s3 into it's ihome and play my music. I strip and hop in the shower when I hear Fix You by Coldplay come on. I start to sing while I do what I need to do in the shower "When you try so hard but you don't sucseed. When you get what you want, but not what you need."

Well my name is Leah Anderson and I am sixteen years old. I live in Chesire, England with my Mum, Dad and 18 year ols brother Harry. Mum and dad are lawyers so they make a crap ton of money. Hense the reason I have a master bedroom with a master bath and walk-in closet. 

I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my hair and body. I walk into my room and go over to my closet. I pull out a purpleish-gray tee that says LOVE in white lettering, and black skinny jeans. Once I have that on, I go back into the bathroom to do my hair and make-up. I brush out my hair then blow-dry it into it's natural curls. Well air is done so onto the make up. Using all NARS products today, I start by putting brown eye-shadow on my lid and lighter brown above that to play up my greenish-brown eyes. I then apply eye-liner to my lower lash line and put on mascara. I put on red lipstick and decide I'm going to paint my nails. I look through my nail polish and find a nude color. I finish paintng and drying my nails so I walk into my room. I through on a black beanie and pull on m galaxy VANS. I grab my hello kitty VANS backpack and double check it's contents. Two 5 subject notebooks? Check. 5 binders of various colors and patterns? Check. All colored pens, pencils, earasers, white-out, and a ruler? Check. Keys? Check. Phone and charger? Check. Laptop and charger? Check. Headphones? Check.

I run downstairs and look in the fridge. I grab my lunch and put it in the backpack, then find some yogurt with the granola with it and have that for breakfast. I say bye to mum and dad, grab my pennyboard ( type of skateboard) and walk outside. "Hey Leah! You ready for year 10?" I hear my best friend and neighbor Austin call out "As readyas I'll ever be." He doesn't push the subject and we start riding to school.




Hello well the idea came to me when I made up Austin in my mind. I drew him out and wrote out a little blurb, then did the same for Leah and here it is. If you can't see the outfit on the side, here is the link http://www.polyvore.com/clothes/set?id=92406081 and um yeah. hope ya liked it





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