When You Said "Forever"

Leah and Austin have been bestfriends since they were 12. They are now 16 and both in love. They think the other is only thinks of their relationship as "best friend" status. Follow them on their road to realize the two of them are the lovers in When You Said "Forever"


1. When You Said "Forever"

Name: Austin Durandium

Age: 16

Height: 6"

DOB: Jan 5, 1997

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color:Blue

Name: Leah Anderson

Age: 16

Height: 5"5

DOB: April, 1997

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Hazel (greenish-brown).

Leah's POV

Austin Durandium. The gorgeous boy I am head over heels for. The one I am madley in love with. The boy no one could ever make me forget. He is gorgeous. With his blue eyes and Black hair. Tall, tan, amazing all around. Oh yeah, did I mention he's my best friend? We met at twelve and became great friends over the past four years. Well, I've had a crush on him for four years too. Sadley I think to him we'llonly ever be friends. It's just, his touch sends shivers down my spine and just being with him gives me butterflies. I just wish he'd like me back...

Austin's POV

Leah is one of, no. IS the most beautiful girl I've ever met. She is short, Which I find adorable by the way, and really sweet. At first she is kinda shy but nce you get to know her and she gets comfortable with you, she is crazy and super sarcastic. We've been best friends or four years but Iam worried that being friends is all she wants to be. The best part of the day for me is being able to see my princess Leah. I just hope and pray that one day I will outwardly be able to call her mine.

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