love never ends

the story is about a girl called mia who gets in a tragic accident the day after her wedding and forgets everything that happened for the last 5 years fiance harry styles aka boyfriend for 5 years. what will happen next will get her memory back or not?
this story is kinda based on the vow. xx


7. Wakey Wakey

Zayn's p.o.v: 

Its been over 2 days since the accident and both Mia and Harry haven't woken up. The doctors were kind enough to put Harry and Mia in the same room. They weren't happy about it at first because Mia was in a different at the day of the accident so we had to push her bed all the way to Harry's room. The doctors told that Harry might wake up in a few hours because the anesthesia has worn out a bit. "Hey Zayn I am taking Eleanor back to her house and the lads are coming back to the hospital  in another few hours ok" Louis said getting onto his feet."Yeah ok if Harry wakes up i'll call you" I replied and he nodded. I said goodbye to Eleanor and went to sit next to Harry. Now i was in the hospital alone with Harry and Mia. I was texting Perrie and then i heard a moan i set my phone down and went to call the doctor. Me and the doctor were both when Harry opened his eyes I quickly texted the lads saying he woke up.

Harry's p.o.v:

I woke up to bright lights hurting my eyes and my head throbbing including my leg. Then i remembered how i got here it was all my fault. "Hey lad how are you feeling?" I heard Zayn say. "Mia" I mumbled. "First tell me how you are" Zayn said jokingly but i wasn't in a mood to joke around. "Mia!" I realize that she was sleeping right next to. I tried to get up but my leg was killing me and Zayn was holding me down." Let go go me i need to see Mia!" i struggled to get up but i was to weak and Zayn was much stronger." Calm down mr.styles you shouldn't stress too much" the doctor said while he went near the table to get an injection."Calm down? Zayn let me go now i need to go to her!!" i said but was injected by an injection which made me drowsy and soon made me sleep.

Zayn's p.o.v:

The doctor quickly injected Harry before he could actually jump out of bed. The lads came few minutes after Harry fell back asleep and the doctor said what happened.

Harry's p.o.v:

I woke up again to the boys blocking me from seeing Mia and i was much calmer now."Hey how are you doing?" i heard Louis say. "Much calmer than before" i said still a little calmer."Thats good i'll go call the doctor," Niall said before running of."Shes on coma isn't she" i said my voice cracking. I took my hand and placed it over my eyes i was on the verge of tears."Yes she is i'm really sorry"Liam said sympathetically."Its all my fault" i let a sob escape my mouth."Don't say tha~"Zayn started but was interrupted by the doctor."Ah mr.Styles how are you feeling?" the doctor questioned."I feeling a of pain on my left leg but other than that i am fine" i answered trying to hide the fact that i almost cried."That is because you injured your leg so you will be walking on crutches for the next two months and you will be experiencing some pain on your chest as you broke a few ribs so don't try stress your self too much understand." the doctor said and i nodded.

"When will he be able to perform on stage again doctor?" Liam asked. " If he gets enough of bed rest then can perform in another three month or as soon as he doesn't have to walk on crutches." We all nodded and the doctor said he will be back to do some tests later.

The lads moved out of the way so i can see Mia.She looked very fragile  a tube going down her throat a cast on her right leg and a oxygen mask to help her on her breathing I just cant believe this was caused by me. That night friends and family came to visit it was nice but i just could not take my eyes off her.



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