love never ends

the story is about a girl called mia who gets in a tragic accident the day after her wedding and forgets everything that happened for the last 5 years fiance harry styles aka boyfriend for 5 years. what will happen next will get her memory back or not?
this story is kinda based on the vow. xx


9. mia wakes up

Niall’s p.o.v


The doctors informed us that Mia will wake up any minute now since its been over three weeks now. Harry has been practicing to walk on crutches a lot lately; even though it still hurts him to walk he always reminds himself that if Mia wakes he wants to be able to walk around the room just for her. Sadly we are not supposed to tell that Mia might have a bit of memory loss when she wakes up that were doctor’s orders, we don’t know why but he strictly told us not to tell. It’s time for Harry’s daily walk around the hospital building but currently refusing because he doesn't want to Miss Mia waking up. “Mr. Styles you have to go on your daily walk with Zayn don’t be ignorant now,” Sandy said. Sandy is Harry’s nurse she was quite old she is approximately in her late 50’s.I liked her she is so demanding to Harry and kind to me. “But Sandy I don’t want to I want to wait till Mia wakes up please can I skip today,” Harry whined like a five year old. “Harry, Mia won’t wake up while you’re gone ok I am sure about that,” she reassured him. Harry groaned and got himself on the crutches while me and Zayn couldn't stop laughing. Me and Zayn were the only two people in the hospital with Harry and Mia as the others said they will come at night.


Zayn left the room with Harry and only me and Sandy were left. “Harry really likes her doesn’t he?” Sandy asked while checking Mia.”Huh? oh yeah he does with all his heart, it would rip him apart if she doesn't remember him.”I said sighing. She just gave me a sympathetically smile and went on checking Mia.”Mia seems to be alright I’m gonna go and check few other patients press the button if you need anything love,” I nodded as Sandy left the room. Many things were going through my mind, what if she forgets? Will she remember me? Would she not remember Harry? Will she ever wak- my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by someone calling out my name. My head shot up quickly hoping it would be Mia. I came in eye contact with someone who’s name was…….




Mia’s p.o.v      


I heard voices but couldn't quite get who they were. I was too weak to even open my eyes. I had no clue where I was, all I know is that right now I am laying in a uncomfortable bed. My head was throbbing I almost fell like no I feel like chopping my head off. So the room went quiet only a few muffles hear and there. Immediately a door shut indicating a person went outside or came inside. I was pretty sure somebody went out because the room got quieter. I couldn't take it anymore so I forced my eyes open.

Trying to adjust the lighting which was quite irritating me right now. Soon afterwards my vision was not so blurry. I turned my head to the side a bit only to be greeted by my best friend Niall. He was texting so he did not notice that I am awake so I tired  to calling out his name. “Niall?” I croaked out. His head instantly shot up he sprinted up and leap to my side of the bed. “Mia , OH MY GOD, I can’t believe it your awake! Harry is going to be over the moon when he finds out!” Huh? Who the hell is Harry is he my doctor. Yay that’s who he is he is my doctor. Niall was happy dancing all over the room when he calmed down leaned over and pushed a red button. “I am so happy to see you too seeming how happy you are to meet me” I chuckled but soon turned out to be a cough which hurt my  abdomen. “Hey hey are you okay? Don’t strain yourself your too much,” Niall suddenly turned serious. I replied with a simple fine. He nodded and dashing in came a nurse.”Hello Mia I am Sandy, how are you feeling? Are experiencing any type of pain?” sandy asked with a smile on her face. “Hi, um feeling okay, but my head hurts and when I try to move my stomach hurts.” I said kindly. She wrote something down on her clip bored and whispered something to Niall. His big smile turned into a frown but was quickly replaced in the matter of seconds. “Okay Mia I am going to ask you a few questions then-“ she was cut out by a boy around my age enter the room walking on crutches who was followed by another boy. I9 did not no who the were frankly I was a bit scared.


DUN DUN DAAAA…… what do you think will happen next write it in the comment section?

Soo soo sorry I could not update it was because I was on holiday weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Love you lots hope you forgive me XXXXX 


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