love never ends

the story is about a girl called mia who gets in a tragic accident the day after her wedding and forgets everything that happened for the last 5 years fiance harry styles aka boyfriend for 5 years. what will happen next will get her memory back or not?
this story is kinda based on the vow. xx


6. hospital

Louis' p.o.v:

Me and the boys rushed to the hospital as soon as we heard the dreadful news.We got to the hospital and ran inside and went over to the receptionist."Um excuse me can and know where we can find Mia and Harry styles?" i asked impatiently. "Can i know who you are please?" she asked nicely."Yes we are their very very close friends" i replied. "Oh okay they both are in the emergence room you cant see them right but you wait in the waiting room" "Thank you for the information." With that we went over to the waiting area and opened the door were we see a crying niall. "Hey buddy, Niall please dont cry they will be alright okay" Liam said while he went over to comfort him. "Its just hard to see harry scream in pain and you cant do nothing to help and they won't tell us what happened to mia." Niall in between his sobs. "Niall its alright we are all brothers and you know very well that Harry is a strong one he will get through it" Zayn said to Niall while i went over to him.

"Zayn can i talk to you outside for minute please?" i said motioning for him to come outside." Yeah sure come lets go out. Were outside the waiting room and standing in the hallway. "Zayn do you know what happened to Harry and Mia i didnt want to ask you in front of Niall cause i feel bad" i asked him."Yeah your right, well harry badly hurt his leg and so far thats all we know so far and Mia..." he stopped and took a deep breath and spoke again " Mia..... she um got really injured the paramedic said she lost a lot of blood, broke her fibula and few bones but they did not tell me more than that and please dont tell Niall because he just broke down when i told that she was hurt" Zayn said looking down i can tell he was going to cry. Mia was such a great friend to all of us mostly Niall even though she was Harry's girlfriend she was more.She was mine, zayn's, Liam's and Niall's little sister she was very close to us.Most of all we all were very anxious to know whether Harry was all right because he was our little brother and it will always be that way no matter what the situation is.     

"Zayn are you alright buddy?" i questioned even though i knew the answer. "Huh? yeah i'm alright just a little upset about what happened its hard to take it all in." he said with his voice cracking in the middle.I did not say anything i just embraced him to a big bear hug.We pulled back and went inside because we could't bear hearing Harry cry and scream at the end of the hall."Hey lad how are you feeling better?" i asked Niall who  seemed calmer now."Yeah just upset" he replied." We are all upset Niall do you wanna go back home with Zayn cause i dont think this atmosphere is making you feel any good?" i asked he nodded and got up and went over to Liam to get his car keys. Liam gave them to him and Niall and Zayn left leaving me and Liam in the waiting room.

Few hours past when harry's and mia's parents arrived but we did not hear anythings from the doctors. Me and Liam were outside the waiting room sitting on the floor as we heard Harry was not screaming as he did before.We were talking when a doctor approached us we stood and greeted the doctor. "You must be Harry's and Mia's parents am i correct ?" the doctor said."Yes we are how are they doing doctor?" Mr.walker asked patiently waiting for an answer. "Well Harry is lucky he got away with a broken femur, two broken ribs and a broken collar bone. He will be walking on crutches for the next two months. Mia on the other hand got most of the impact she lost a lot of blood, broke her fibula , broke three ribs. She cracked her skull which caused her to have a brain trauma and she also went into coma. We are not sure whether she will wake up or not but we are giving her some time and if she does wake up she might have some memory loss which she  might get back with the help of all her friends." The doctor said with a hint of sympathy in his voice.By now mrs. walker and anne were crying their eyes out ."Can we see them right now?" i asked the doctor. "Harry yes but we gave him a ton of pain killers and anesthesia so he is unconscious but Mia no you will have to wait a day before you meet her" the doctor said and we nodded. We called Niall and zayn to come over to meet harry and they said their on their way. We went over to the room Harry was in and opened the door. His leg wrapped in a cast and was elevated on top of a pillow.His head was wrapped around with a bandage and with a few cut and bruise on his face and arms.He had an injection injected on his hand which was attached to a saline bottle hanging from above. He was having a tube that was going through his nose past his throat and into his stomach. We over to him and sat o the couch next him and started talking once i while we look up to check on him. Few minutes later Niall and Zayn came . They entered with with red puffy eyes and  holding a flower bouquet. We repeated what the docter said about Harry and Mia . That night Liam offered to stay with Harry just in case he woke up.We said that if there is anything to let us know with that we went home and got some rest.


hey thanks for reading guys love you all so so so much and hope like reading my fan fiction i promise i will update soon XXXXX     


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