love never ends

the story is about a girl called mia who gets in a tragic accident the day after her wedding and forgets everything that happened for the last 5 years fiance harry styles aka boyfriend for 5 years. what will happen next will get her memory back or not?
this story is kinda based on the vow. xx


8. 2 weeks

 Harry's p.o.v: 

It's been over a week since the accident happened and Mia still hasn't woken up i am getting so worried as to what might happen.Today is the day i start to practice walking on crutches i am so not wanting to do that. I can't move my self up and down the bed my ribs start hurting and leg aches i just want to stay in bed all day i don't want to do anything else. This morning the nurses woke me up at 7 and currently it is 8, the nurses plus the lads including my mum literally are forcing me to get on my feet and start practicing but i just groan and growl every time. 

"Come on Harry you really should get on your feet," Louis said clearly trying to convince me to walk. "No Lou i won't i just am not in the mood to walk right now i just wanna sit down and do nothing like a do nothing day," i said crossing my hands above my chest then wincing in pain cause i just hurt my ribs. "Harry come on the doctors say that if you don't start to practice with crutches now, it will be really painful later on so why don't you just get over it ." Louis said. Me and Louis our the only ones in the room because they others thought that Louis might convince me well they are certainly wrong!.

"Lou please i really don't wont to walk the truth is i really am afraid of how much pain i will experience, since the day of the accident my body has been killing, it's been aching 24/7," i said looking down at my hand which was still injected. "Thats why your not walking it's because you afraid," Louis said while he was laughing. "It's not funny i really am afraid stop laughing Lou!" i groaned. "Sorry mate, it's just that everybody has fears they have to get over it after they try and notice that its not scary or hurtful in your case," he said with a cheeky smile on his face.I groaned loudly before nodding in agreement.Louis started jumping up and down in excitement.He ran outside and told everyone that i would start practicing.While he was outside i turned to Mia's side and stared for a while, i reached out and grabbed her hand. "Mia if you can  hear me please i miss the sound of your voice, the taste of your lips and your soft touches i am begging you please wake up," i said. Nothing, nothing at all not even a moan. My eyes started to get teary i tried to stay strong and not cry but i was too weak i let one fall.I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the pillow still did not let go of her hand i couldn't i simply couldn't." Hey Harry are you.....Hey mate what happened?" Louis said as he entered and the others followed.More tears started to flow down my red cheeks but i couldn't care less.Louis finally realized why i have been crying as have the other boys, they immediately came to my side and comforted me."Harry don't worry Mia will wake up she just needs time, we all know very very well that she will wake, she will be next to you holding your hand in know time," Liam reassured me. I smiled at what he said."I just miss her," i said a little hurt."Hey why don't we forget about that and lets get you on feet," Louis said to me.I nodded and tried to sit up but clearly failed.

"Guys could you please help me i can't sit up it's a bit painful,"i told the truth."Oh sorry about that we all got distracted," Niall said. In the matter of seconds Niall and Louis were supporting my back and Liam and Zayn were holding the crutches in front of me."Ahh! that hurts Ahh! could you put me down," I pleaded the boys but they refused. After all the wincing and pain they finally got me to the crutches.I walked around the room a bit after a while i got tried and they got me back to the hospital bed.I rest my leg and a pillow and lied down trying to catch my breath."How was that for you mr.styles?" the nurse asked with a clip bored i her hands." Honestly it was a bit hard at first because it was a bit painful but some how the pain reduced a bit after a while," i said with a smile."Thats great to hear tomorrow morning  you will have to get back up on you feet is that alright?" she questioned. "Um no not at all, can i please have a pain killer or that injection you put yesterday to my leg cause right now it's starting to hurt like a lot," i said  trying to get comfortable in the hospital bed.She chuckled a bit and then nodded.She left the room and then reentered with an injection.She came over and lifted my hospital gown a bit above my thigh and then injected it right above my knee, i let out a sigh of relief.I know what your thinking why am am i wearing a hospital gown it's because the doctor wouldn't let me wear sweat pants i know it sucks. My leg soon got numb yay.


sorry if there was spelling errors :(  i will updated soon love ya'll xxxx               




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