I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


31. Tears

On July 6th, at 4:53 p.m., Sophie Rose Butler was born. Like I said before, everyone was in tears. My mom and Pattie showed up right after she was born, but they unfortunately didn't get to see her yet. And I bet you're wondering, where's Ryan and Lainey's parents? Well, neither of them were ever very supportive and right when they found out that the two were expecting, they kind of lost it and sadly haven't spoke to each other since. Fortunately, the baby was perfectly healthy, but they had to take her back to get vitals and stuff. We all sat in the room with Lainey and Ryan until the nurses brought Sophie back. Lainey was very exhausted... She couldn't even keep up a conversation with us without closing her eyes.


So at that special moment, while everyone was in the room, the nurses came in with the pretty, blue-eyed baby girl.


Nurse: Hey mom and dad, here's your new baby girl, Sophie Rose?


The nurse questioned what the name was just because she was trying to read the handwriting off the little tag on the crib. Justin grabbed my hand and stood up, pulling me up with him. We walked over to the hospital bed and Ryan handed the baby to Justin.


Justin: Wow... She's so beautiful... She's Lainey's kid alright.


I peaked over Justin's arm and looked down at the baby who was silent as ever, who was just staring into Justin's eyes. I watched him as he stared right back into her's. You could tell how much he wanted a kid.


Lexi: Aw, her little nose is sooo cute!

Justin: Isn't it? She's just adorable. Wanna hold her?


I looked at Justin nervously. To be honest, I had never really held a baby that small before. And I guess the reason for that was: when I was 14, the doctors told me that it's impossible for me to even create a baby, and that's a different story that's really hard for me to talk about. But back to the subject, it was quite heartbreaking for me actually. I have always told myself that I'd never allow myself to hold a baby because I knew I'd get attached. But here I was; Justin handed the baby to me and I cradled her in my arms. I scanned her face and all the cute little features of it. It was so weird to think that I was holding two of my best friend's newborn baby. 

Without even realizing it, I talked to myself out loud.


Lexi: And to think I'll never be able to create something as amazing as her....

Justin: What'd you say?


Justin looked at me with an upset expression. He knew exactly what I said. In fact, everyone in the room did because they all sat there staring at me with an on-the-verge-of-tears look. They all knew I couldn't have kids, but I guess them just hearing me say something as sad as that, made them feel terrible. I could feel my face burning up.


Lexi: I-I'm sorry. Here Justin you take her.


I kissed Sophie on her tiny forehead and handed her to Justin, then started to walk out of the room.


Michelle: Lex. Honey, come back.


It's like I had eyes in the back of my head, because I knew exactly what Justin was doing. He lied the baby in Lainey's arms and walked out right after me. Since I knew what he was trying to do, I picked up my walking pace and ran around the corner of the wall to find the elevator. I pressed the "down" button and waited anxiously.


Lexi: C'mon, C'mon. OPEN.


I banged on the elevator doors thinking that it would somehow work faster if I did so. I saw Justin running up behind me. At the same time, one of the reception ladies yelled over her desk.


Reception Lady: Sorry sweetie, that elevator isn't working. You'll have to use the stairs.


My face got even more red as I slammed my back into the wall and slid down until my butt hit the floor. Justin came fast-walking up to me and I covered my tomato-looking face with both my hands.


Justin: Lex....

Lexi: Justin, I'm not in the mood to talk. I'm sorry.


Justin slid down beside me and sat there in silence for a few minutes as I sat there myself, doing or saying nothing but staring at the ground beneath me. I peaked up and Justin was dazing off at the ceiling.


Justin: Well, You know you'll always be perfect to me-


He rested his hand on my back.


Justin: No matter what...


I looked up, staring deeply into his eyes. At that moment, all my body was telling me to do was to kiss him. But I did the opposite. I stood up and looked down at him.


Lexi: Hey, can we go on a walk?


Justin stood up and nodded his head. We walked down the hall together until we reached the exit door. I noticed him texting Pattie saying that we were going on a walk and that we'd be back soon.


Justin: So, wanna go get frozen yogurt or something? We haven't eaten since breakfast.

Lexi: Sounds delicious.


What I found somewhat amusing was that it seemed like Justin completely forgot he was even a world-wide superstar. We walked out the door and immediately the paparazzi started flashing pictures. 


Justin: Shit.-


Justin mumbled to himself.


Justin: You're with the one girl who lights up your whole world and you forget about everything.


Justin smiled at me and then pulled me back inside. He took me around to the other exit where no paps were. We walked until we reached "Pink Berry". We quickly ran inside and right away we heard people talking about us.


'Look! Justin Bieber!'

'Is that Justin Bieber and his girlfriend?!' 

'Should we go ask for a picture?' 


Justin held me close to him just because he didn't want anyone to hurt me.


Lexi: J, I'm fine, really.

Justin: I'm not risking anything.


We got our yogurt and snuck back out. We sat down at the back of the restaurant and stared off into space for a while.


Lexi: Sorry about what happened earlier. My anxiety has gotten worse. I'm sorry... I haven't really told you.

Justin: Wanna talk about it?


Justin looked at me with understanding eyes and waited for me to say something.


Lexi: Well you know I've always been a psychopathic freak-

Justin: You aren't-

Lexi: But I am. It's sooo hard to explain, Justin. Like you missed out on the years it got worse. You didn't live in Stratford anymore. It's like I had no one. Yeah I had my mom, but my dad was in jail, my only friends were Joslyn and Ashley... Even they seemed like they didn't care about me and they proved it a few months back when they ditched me at the club... I haven't talked to them since. My grades went down, my pain went up. My brain would take over my whole body and I couldn't do anything right. I missed the old you like crazy. And all I kept saying to myself when I'd cry in my room at night was, "I want my best friend back". And when you finally came back, I realized-


I sighed to myself and Justin looked at me with teary eyes.


Lexi: I just realized I was in love with you... Just like I had been ever since we were kids. I was too afraid to admit it. You were too good for me. You still are. It was hard explaining to the one love of my life that I'd never be able to have kids and I knew he wanted them so bad. And everything crashed again. I was stupid. I drank and did things I'm not proud of, all because of my thoughts just haunting me over and over. I wanted our friendship back and I didn't want to risk anything anymore just because of how much you mean to me. Then seeing Ryan and Lainey with Sophie tonight, my heart completely broke. The way you looked at her. The way I felt when I saw you holding her. And that's what I used to dream of when we were dating, but I know one day I won't be enough for you. So that's why I want to still be best friends. I hate when it's awkward.. I want us to act like nothing ever happened. I just need someone there for me.


Justin wiped a tear from his face and pulled me close to him. I was SO on the verge of tears, but I held them back, because I didn't want to hurt him any more. I lied my head on his shoulder. Justin said nothing, probably because he was trying to hold back his tears. Neither one of us were ever very emotional, but whenever we talked, we'd let everything out.


Justin: You're the bestest friend I could ever ask for. I love you, Lexi Lu.


With that, we stood up and walked our way back to the hospital, his arm around me, mine around him. I looked up at him and shook my head.


Lexi: Not possible. I love you more. I promise.










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