I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


9. Saved

I let a small tear fall from my eye.


Lexi: Uh , um what are you doing here?

Brooklyn: Well I’m watching the boy that loves me.


I stepped back since she was getting closer to me.


Lexi: And that is?


Brooklyn: Let me just tell you one thing , sweetie… I don’t care what I have to do , but I will be getting Justin back. He loves me , not you… Are we clear?

I ran off , grabbing my phone and my purse. I could tell Lainey took off after me but I was already out of her sight.

I sprinted up the stairs and ran into the bathroom stall, dropping to the floor. I covered my face trying to hide my tears. What was I thinking? Justin probably still did love Brooklyn. She was better than me , everyone was. I rushed into the relationship… It was in the matter of a day and all of my feelings changed , but that didn’t mean he TRULY cared about me. What if him and Brooklyn were talking again? I thought everything was going to be okay , I guess not.

I heard someone fly through the bathroom door.

Lainey: Lexi? Lex? Are you in here? Please come out.

I opened the door , still crying and trying to wipe my eyes.

Lainey: Awh Lexi , come here babe… It’ll be alright.


She pulled me into a tight hug , patting my back. I broke down… I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I sobbed in her arms.

Lainey: Shhh Lex , Listen , it will all be okay. I promise you it’ll all work out.

Lexi: N-no it won’t. He doesn’t l-love me.

Lainey: Are you kidding me? He loves you more than anything.


I pulled out of the hug , shaking my head.


Lexi: No , no , I need to leave… I need to go back home. I can’t be here anymore. I’m calling Ashley to come pick me up.

Lainey: But… Lex-

Lexi: Just stop , okay? I don’t want to be here. You better not say a word to ANYONE.


I picked up my phone and dialed Ashley’s number , trying to calm myself down.


Ashley: Hey Lex!

Lexi: Please , please come pick me up… I need to come home. Please , I’m begging you , pick me up at the ice rink.

Ashley: Um , is everything alri-

Lexi: Just come pick me up okay. Now.


I broke into tears again. Lainey stood there looking like she was going to cry just because of how hurt I was.

Lainey: Do you wanna go wait by the door?

We walked through the hall in silence. You could still hear me sniffling , but we just walked without saying a word.


I gave Lainey a hug and walked out the exit , getting into Ashley’s car. I closed the door and Ashley stared at my tear stained cheeks.


Ashley: Girl , what happened?

Lexi: Justin is what happened… Brooklyn , Justin , I just… I can’t talk about it right now.

I bursted into tears and Ashley gave me a sincere look.

Lexi: … Just… Please bring me to my house. I need to be alone.

Ashley could tell I was having an anxiety attack , just by how much I was shaking and crying… So she knew not to drag it on any longer.




We pulled up to my house and both Ashley and I stepped out of the car.

Ashley: You want me to stay here for awhile? I can go get you a coffee?

I shook my head and started walking to the front door.

Lexi: No… I’m fine… I just need to be alone. Thank you for the ride though.


Without saying anything she got into the car and closed the door while I walked inside. I made my way over to the fridge , grabbing a water bottle,  then looking down at my phone.


‘17 missed calls’


From: Mom – sent @ 7:02 p.m.

Where are you?!?


From: my bestie for lifeeee<3

Lexi , where are you???


From: my bestie for lifeeee<3

Seriously Lex , this isn’t funny… Where are you??


I let another tear slip from my eye… I was so hurt , I couldn’t respond.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned back.


Lexi: Dad?!?




Justin’s POV:


The game was over and Ryan and I got changed so we could go see Lainey and Lexi. We walked up to the seats and only my mom and Michelle were there.


Michelle: Great game boys!

Justin: Thanks! Um… Where are the girls?


Ryan took off behind me. I turned my head to see Lainey walking down the stairs… Alone.

Ryan: Lain!...

He picked her up and spun her around , kissing her cheek.

Ryan: … I missed you baby.

Lainey: Haha I missed you too Ry.


I stood there with a confused look on my face. Where was Lexi? Why wasn’t she with Lainey?

Justin: Lainey , do you know where Lex is?

Lainey took my arm and pulled me off to the side.

Justin: Wait , what’s the problem? Did I do something?

Lainey: Well , she’s the problem…

She turned my head and there I saw Brooklyn staring straight at me.

Justin : What?? Did Brooklyn say something to her? Oh my God…


I was pulled back by someone.


Brooklyn: Hi baby…. I’ve missed you.

She placed her hand on my cheek , rubbing up and down my jawline.

Justin: Get the hell off of me , Brooklyn. What did you say to Lexi? I don’t love you , I love Lexi. Now get a reality check and tell me what you did.

Brooklyn: Oh Bieber , nothing bad. You don’t need to worry about it baby.

I pushed her arm off of me.

Justin: Don’t call me that… And I do need to worry because she’s my girlfriend.


I walked back to my mom , Michelle , Ryan , and Lainey.


Justin: Where is she? She isn’t answering any of my calls or texts.


Lainey leaned in and whispered to me.

Lainey: She doesn’t think you love her anymore. You need to find her before she does something bad. She told me she was going ‘home’ but that could mean anything.


I gave her a half-hug and started to run to get to my car.




Lexi’s POV:


Dad: Who are you texting there?

I backed up… Why was he in my house? He was supposed to be in jail.


Lexi: No , why are you here? Leave. Right now. Or I’m calling the cops. LEAVE.

Dad: They released me… It’s not like I killed anyone.


Was he serious? I didn’t even consider him my “dad” anymore. He treated me like I was some wild animal…I wouldn’t let him back in our house.

Lexi: I’m telling you right now , LEA-

I was knocked to the ground. He punched me right in the gut , so it was hard to move anywhere. Tears started flowing from my eyes.


Dad: I’ll leave when you tell me where your mother is.


I wasn’t going to tell him where she was… He would hurt her , I know he would.

Lexi: I don’t know , okay?

I felt a sharp pain in my gut once again. He had kicked me because of my response. I screamed in pain.

As I tried to get up , he punched my cheek , making me fall down once more.

Lexi: STOP! I’m calling 911!


Dad: Oh really? With what?

He held me down with his foot , then lifted my phone up in the air. It was hard to talk , considering how much pain I was in.

Lexi: H-how did you-

I closed my eyes , trying to re-gather my surroundings. I heard my phone ring , so I looked up.


Dad: One new message from ‘my bestie for life’…. And this person is telling you they love you? Have you not told me something?


I tried to get up , but I was one again pushed back down… This time by getting kicked in the face. I was pretty certain I had just broken my nose.



I screamed bloody murder and cried more than I ever have before.


Lexi: LET. GO. OF. ME.




I heard someone open the door.

Voice: Lex? Lexi? Where are you?

I screamed as loud as I could under the tape that was covering my mouth. I couldn’t get up since I was tied to the vent on the floor.

Voice: Where are you?!?

I tried to open my eyes. I looked up and saw Justin running over to me.

Justin: Lexi , oh my God.

He knelt down and took the tape off of my mouth , as I still cried because of the pain I was in. He untied me and picked me up.

Justin: Baby , what happened?

I buried my head in his neck , trying to stop me from crying.

He lifted my head up , wiping the blood from my face.

Justin: Tell me , Lex… Please.

I let out another cry again and he used his thumb to wipe the tears.

Lexi: I-I

I couldn’t speak , I tried so hard to… But I couldn’t. He gently pulled my head back to his neck and kissed my hair.

Justin: I’m never letting you out of my sight again. I love you too much.







Poor Lexi):


What do you guys think?


Love ya'll :*

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