I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


33. Phone Call

I woke up that morning, searching around the room for Justin. His side of the bed was made, so I figured he was downstairs doing something. I got up, walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, put my glasses on, and walked downstairs. Since the house was so big, it was pretty hard to find anyone. I walked around through the main floor yelling Justin's name.


Lexi: Justin?????

Lexi: J, you home???


I gave up on searching for him and walked to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. I sat down at the table, and looked through baby magazines so I could get an idea of what we were going to get Lainey and Ryan today. Shortly after, I heard stuff banging around in the garage, and then banging around by the door. I turned back to see Justin wrestling to get the crib through the door.


Justin: Kenny and I took a little shopping trip today while you were asleep. I thought maybe later we could go look at clothes today since you're good at that.


Justin sweetly grinned at me and set the box filled with the crib parts down.


Lexi: Yeah... Okay. What'd you get?


-Now, I bet you are all wondering... Why didn't anyone think to do all of the baby shopping earlier? Well guys... That's called 4 irresponsible teenagers living in a huge house, having no idea what they're doing.-


Justin walked in some more bags and pulled out everything he got.


Justin: Well, diapers here... Lots of diapers. Some bibs, bottles, a mattress set for the crib, and other stuff I told was needed for a baby.


He chuckled to himself as he tried to pick up the crib set again. I walked in front of him, forcing him to stop.


Lexi: Need some help?


Justin smiled at me and tried to start moving again.


Justin: The doctor still doesn't want you lifting anything heavy, I'll be fine.

Lexi: Okay... I'll get the bags.


I picked up everything I could carry in my arms and made my way up the stairs behind Justin. We reached the baby's room which was right by Ryan and Lainey's. Justin set the crib down and immediately tore the box apart and started putting it together. I lied the bags on the little chair that was already set up in the corner of the room.


Lexi: Yanno, Ry and Lain owe you big time.

Justin: Eh, it's alright. That's what friends are for... Right?


I smiled at him and started to unpack everything. It appeared that Justin had already been up there earlier because the changing table, dressers, and everything were already set up. I picked up the diapers and slid them into the basket underneath the changing table along with diaper rash cream, and some other things he had bought.


Lexi: You're gonna be such a good dad one day. Just sayin.


Justin turned back and smiled at me.


Justin: Really? Thanks. That means a lot to me. 


I smiled and nodded back and then all of the sudden, my phone began to ring.


''Tanner' is calling'


I sat back for a second. Tanner Montgomery. The kid I had a 'thing' with right after Justin left. Justin knew about him, but never really said much. To be honest, I really liked the kid, and I thought we would end up dating. But what was the problem, as usual? Me. I was scared, like I am with everything, to commit to a relationship. I hesitated at first because Justin was in the room, but I forced my self to tap the 'answer' button.



Lexi: Hello?

Tanner: Lexi! Long time no speak.

Lexi: Yeah.. Hi. How are you?

Tanner: I'm doin pretty good. And yourself??



Justin waved at me trying to get my attention. Then he started mouthing the words to me, "Who is that?" I shook my head and kept on talking.



Lexi: I'm great. J-Just wondering... Why'd you call?

Tanner: Oh.. I hear you moved out to California... My dad got a new job and we just moved out here a couple months ago. Thought we could meet up sometime. 



At this point, I was still trying to ignore Justin. I noticed him giggling and slowly pulling up his shirt, revealing his abs, so I would pay attention to him. I walked over and jokingly slapped him on the side of his head.


Lexi: Shhhh.

Justin: Well tell me who it is.


I shook my head at him again and went back to talking to Tanner.



Lexi: Seriously? Of course we do!

Tanner: Yeah! Are you home right now? I can stop by if that's alright...

Lexi: Oh.. Um, yeah. I am. Sure.

Tanner: Alright, I'll be over in like 10. See ya.



I hung up the phone and looked at it with a puzzled expression.


Justin: Everything alright? Who was it?

Lexi: Yea- yeah... Everything's good. And you wouldn't know him... It's alright.

Justin: Him?


Justin stared at me with a confused look.


Lexi: No.- Not like that. I'll be back.


I walked out of the door shaking my head as Justin went back to working on the crib. I walked downstairs and waited by the door, to see if anyone would pull up. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, Tanner pulled up in his mustang convertible. I opened the door and shut it behind me and ran out to his car. He hopped out and pulled me into his arms for a hug.


Tanner: Lex!!!

Lexi: Hiii. I haven't seen you in forever. You look so different. 


Tanner pulled out of the hug and looked at me up and down.


Tanner: Wow... You look great.

Lexi: Aw.. Thanks. You too.


I shyly tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and looked at the ground. He looked so different from what I remembered of him. His arms were muscular, he got a lot taller, thinner and a hell of a lot more attractive.


Tanner: So... Stayin with the Biebs?

Lexi: Yeah... He invited some of our friends out here to stay for awhile.

Tanner: Well, sounds fun. I haven't seen that kid in forever.


Tanner and I stared at each other for awhile, looking deep into each others eyes. Out of nowhere, he set his hands on my waist and I felt my lips being pulled to his. We kissed for awhile... Until it finally hit me what I was doing and pulled back. He awkwardly stared at me. 


Tanner: I-I'm sorry.


He began to step back to walk to his car. 


Lexi: No, I'm sorry. I-I guess I'll see you later?

Tanner: Yeah-


Tanner was now opening the car door.


Tanner: Yeah, I'll text you.


I ran back inside, panicked. I pulled my hood over my head and ran back upstairs. I was more than disappointed in myself. And all I wanted to do was cry. I found my way back up to the baby's room, and there Justin was, staring out the window. He turned back and looked at me deeply in my eyes.


Justin: You.... You kissed him.
















you guys. school starts again tomorrow): im sadddd


and now ya'll probably hate me bc of this chapter... i'm just trying to make it interesting!


okay and a couple of you kiked me the past couple days with sweet messages and honestly... I cried. y'all are the best ok.


Stay beautiful<3




love you guys sosososo much, never forget that <3

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