I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


8. Not You Again

After getting out of the shower, I squeezed into my coral sundress and buckled on my sandals. I blow dried my hair and pulled it up into a sock bun. I then applied some light makeup and walked out into the main room. My mom and Pattie were sitting there talking , waiting for me to be ready.  

Pattie: Well hey , beautiful! Someone’s gonna be jealous… Let’s send him a picture just so he can go even more crazy.  

I stood there with my lips puckered out , blowing a kiss to the camera.  


Pattie: Perfect! Now who wants to go get some shopping in before the scrimmage?

Mom: I know I do , lets go ladies.  


I grabbed my purse and headed out the door , following my mom and Pattie.    


We walked through the mall’s entrance , laughing at Justin’s response to the picture. I looked at Pattie’s phone one last time… Just to get another laugh.  


From: Justin – sent @ 12:43 a.m.

So YOU get to spend all day with MY beautiful girlfriend and I don’t? This isn’t what Martin Luther King dreamed for , mom. Excuse me while I go cry. I need my baby. ))))))):  


Lexi: He’s a special one alright…  

Pattie laughed at my comment and nodded her head.  

Pattie: You can say that again.



My mom picked up a scarf from a small table and lifted it up in the air.  

Mom: What about this , Lex? You could wear it for the game tonight… The maple leafs on it would look adorable with your Bieber jersey.  

Pattie and my mom stared at each other  , trying not to burst out screaming of excitement.  


That was the thing in Toronto…If you were dating ,  and if the guy played on the hockey team , the girl would always wear his jersey.    

Lexi: You guys are so annoying.. Stop.  

I laughed at them and walked to the rack of Toronto Maple Leaf sweatshirts. I held up one of the zip-up hoodies.  

Lexi: Mom , Pattie , what about this one?  

Pattie: Adorable! Here sweetie , put it on the counter… You make my son happy… My treat.  

Lexi: Awh… No you really don’t have to , it’s alright!  

She gave me a look , basically telling me to give in and let her buy it for me.  

Lexi: Fine… Thank you.  

I gave her a hug and we walked out the door.  


Mom: Well girls , we should be on our way to the arena , it starts at 4:30.  

We walked over to the car and were on our way.  

As we pulled up to the stadium , my purse buzzed.    


From: my bestie for lifeeee<3 – sent @ 4:18 p.m.

Are you almost here? I already miss you like crazy…. </3  


To: my bestie for lifeeee<3 – sent @ 4:19 p.m.

Just pulled up… We will be in in a few. Ily<3


  I slid on the hockey jersey Pattie handed me with the name “BIEBER” embroided on the back.  

Pattie: Ahh! It’s so perfect!  

I laughed at how insane my mom and Pattie they were being. They literately obsessed over Justin and I. Even when we were little and we were best friends , they’d talk about how they’d be ‘mother in laws’. It’s like a dream come true for them that Justin and I are now together because to them , they can practically say they are ‘family’.  


We walked up to our reserved seats down by the rink and watched warm-ups while we tried to find Justin and Ryan in the crowd of players. Pattie stood up , waving her arms back and forth. 


We all three were then standing up cheering for them. Justin turned his head and winked at me…Then mouthed the words “I love you”.  

I smiled and shook my head at him.  

Lexi: I love you too baby.  

You could tell he always had his eyes on me… He was scared I would leave so he would repeatedly be looking for me and telling me how much he loved me.  


I felt a tap on my shoulder so I turned my head to see who it was.  

Lexi: Lainey!  

I jumped out of my seat and squeezed her into a tight hug.  

Lexi: Oh my God Lain , I missed you!  

Lainey: Awh I missed you too , Lex!  


We pulled off to the side so we wouldn’t be interrupting everyone trying to watch.  

Lexi: So how have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever.  

Lainey: I’ve been great! But what about you , miss beautiful?  


Lainey was the girl everyone wanted to be like. She was medium height… long , straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She didn’t act like she was perfect , she went out of her way to make people laugh and smile. That’s why I’ve always loved her… I could be myself around her even if she was one of the prettiest girls in school.  

Lexi: Awh , I’ve been great. Have you heard the news?  

I hid my face with my hands.

She nudged me with her shoulder , giving me an excited smile.  

Lainey: Yes!! I thought you’d never bring it up. Girl , we gotta go on a double date!  

We laughed at each other and went to go sit down since the game was starting.  

Pattie: Go Ry! Go JB!  

Us four jumped around and cheered along with everyone in the stadium.  




The half time show came out and Pattie and my mom stood up.  

Mom: Girls , we are gonna go get a soda.  

Lainey: Alrighty!  

Lainey and I sat there catching up on our lives and laughing at our old memories. Until I saw a face that made me feel sick inside. I whispered to Lainey.  


Lexi: No , no , no. It can’t be. Please tell me this is a nightmare.  

Lainey lost the expression in her face and her mouth was dropped wide open.  

Brooklyn. Of course. Just when I’m starting to feel better about everything , she shows up. But why was she there? It’s not like she ever had any history between anyone except Justin...

I stood up with tear-filled eyes and began to walk away.  

Lainey: Lex- Lexi wait.  

I turned back to look at Lainey but my eyes met Brooklyn’s.  

Brooklyn: So what are you doing here? Bitch.                      

















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