I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


21. No Matter What

Justin leaned down and pecked my lips and Alfredo awkwardly stood by the other wall trying to make it seem as if he wasn’t there.


Alfredo: Now wanna go downstairs and wait for everyone else to get here? They’re all coming for lunch.


We walked out of the room and made our way downstairs and found Ryan, Lainey, my mom, Pattie, and Chaz waiting for us.


Pattie: Well there’s my favorites!

Michelle: We picked up some salads on the way back from the airport. Wanna go eat?


We all walked through the spacious house and sat down at the table in the kitchen. It was nice to talk to everyone all together again. We chatted about Justin’s next leg of the tour; which wasn’t for around 4 months so we still had a lot of time to be together, we talked about Alfredo and his upcoming video he was shooting, and then Justin brought up the subject of Lainey and Ryan’s baby.


Justin: So how’s little Justin Jr. in there?


We all laughed with each other and Justin kept one of his hands under the table interlocked with mine.


Lainey: Doin pretty good as far as I’m concerned… Right, baby?

Ryan: Mama and the baby are both healthy, all that matters to me.


Ryan put his arm around Lainey and my mom and Pattie both smiled at the two.


Justin: Yo Lex, when you gonna let us have a baby? Huh?


I stared at him with a confused look. He almost spoke to me like he was 100 times better than me and everything was my fault; which reflected throughout everyone at the table. He had a douche-like tone to his voice which made him seem just like he did in high school, and the bad memories started to flow back into my brain.


Lexi: Ummm..?


The table got silent and I pulled away from Justin’s hand. It felt like the world was caving in on me and the stares I was getting made me feel like all I could do was cry.


Alfredo: You’ve only been dating for not even two months…

Pattie: Justin, stop.


I scooted back in my chair and stood up, tossing my napkin on the table.


Justin: Baby.. wait.


Without even looking back I walked out the door and pulled my hood over my head. I heard whispers at the table and tears began to form in my eyes. It was a chilly night for being in California… The wind was blowing and the waves crashed hard against the shore. I ran into the backyard and made my way to the sand and water that was following right behind the patio. I sat down so the water washed up to reach my feet and the sand sifted through my toes. My head collapsed into my hands. My body clenched together and I sobbed more than I ever had before. I shook to the point I couldn’t even see straight and the tears fled past my cheeks.


Lexi: I hate you Lexi.


My voice shook and I wrapped my arms around my chest to keep me warm. Another anxiety attack. I didn’t want to live anymore. I wanted to have a normal life again, back home in Canada, writing songs in my room and studying like the typical week nights. Something felt wrong. I cried and cried until I heard a loud voice echoing from behind me.


Voice: Lexi???


I hid my face even more and sniffled, trying to stop the tears. I felt a warm sensation through my back and the next thing I knew I was looking into Justin’s eyes.


Justin: Baby….


I got up and started walking along the side of the beach.


Justin: What did I do? Please tell me.


I ignored every one of his words. I blocked everything out around me and watched the moon as I tried to run closer and closer to it. I was suddenly pulled to a stop. I was spun around and had my eyes set on a pair of dark ones.


Justin: I’m not letting you get away this easily.

Lexi: Let go of me. Now.

Justin: I’m not going to let go of you!


I ripped my arms from his hands and broke down.



Justin: Lexi…..


I fell back into his arms, crying so hard to the point he had to hold me up. He slowly ran his fingers through my hair and whispered in my ear.


Justin: Please baby… What did I do… ?


I looked up with tear stained cheeks and stared into his eyes. My body shook as I was trying to explain to him.


Lexi: I- I can’t….

Justin: You can’t what?

Lexi: I can’t have kids….. I can’t have them Justin. The doctor t-told me I can’t, I’ll never be able to have kids. I’m too screwed up. My body doesn’t work right, mine as well call me mental. I- I just- I hate myself. Adding on top of it, you’re acting like the freaking douche you were 3 years ago. I can’t do this anymore.


Justin stared at me with a concerned look and pulled me tightly back into his arms.


Lexi: Y-You don’t love me anymore…..


He rubbed my back and held his face in my neck. I felt his warm breath beat up against my skin and he softly whispered to me.


Justin: I will always love you… No matter what.


My tear-filled eyes stared into his concerned, confused ones. I stepped back.


Lexi: No… You don’t want to be with me anymore Justin… I know how you are. We rushed into it. Just like I said before. I hated you the day before you came back and I agreed to have a relationship. Face it, it’s never going to last!

Justin: But-


Justin grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer as I fought to stay back.


Lexi: I’m sorry okay, it’s my fault. I knew it from the beginning. Justin…


I sniffled and wiped a tear that had just slipped from my eye.


Lexi: I- I know you care about me, I know you said you’ll always be there for me and I appreciate it more than anything that you wanted me to move in with you… But-

Justin: Lexi… No…


He gulped as if he were trying to hold back tears and shortly after small tears began to stream down his face.


Lexi: We can’t be together… I just screw everything up. You deserve someone better…


I began to walk away as I heard a quiet cry coming from his mouth. I was so stressed to the point I had no idea what else to do. The problem: I knew I would regret everything I just did. I knew I hurt Justin, and it hurt me more than anything leaving him, I just felt like I was such a burden to where he would one day want to leave me. 

I felt a hand spinning me around once again and my lips locking on another pair. Justin’s. He embraced me and the tears from his cheeks dripped down on mine. We stood there, still kissing; my arms wrapped around him and his arms wrapped around me. The wind blew strongly and small rain drops began to drip on the ocean’s surface. I pulled back and looked into his eyes and the rain had begun to fall so hard that my hair and face were soaking wet.


Justin: I-I

Lexi: I’ll always love you, I’m sorry… You’ll get over me, I promise.


I let go of his hand and quickly walked away, my teeth chattering and goose bumps covering me from head to toe. I heard a cry off in the distance.


Justin: I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… I c-can’t get over you… I can promise you that…










Nooooooooooo ): 



it's homecoming weeeeek. stressfulness lol. sorry it was such a short chapter ):




what did you think of this chapter? you probably hate us even more now sorry):



if you any of you ever wanna talk about the fanfic, what you like or dislike, or even anything else you can kik julia @: juliaroseee94 


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