I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


1. My Story

It was a typical summer day in Canada , wind blowing , and the sun bright enough to creep right through the branches of the trees above me. Just like my normal Friday nights , I was walking to get a movie from the local gas station just around the corner from my house. Sometimes I invite my two best friends over , Joslyn , and Ashley , to watch them , but tonight I was just going to be by myself. After I picked out the movie , I grabbed a coke from the mini fridge and placed the items on the counter. The cashier put my items in a small paper bag and I walked out the door.


On my way home I heard a familiar voice yelling my name. I turned and saw Nolan , a kid from my eighth grade class that I haven't seen in forever. I gave him a quick smirk and turned back to just looking at the sidewalk and ran home. Seeing his face made me think of a particular person I didn't necessarily like to talk about.


My name's Lexi and I'm eighteen years old. I was born and raised in Stratford , Canada. I wouldn't say my life is perfect... At all. I grew up an only child with basically only my mom , Michelle to provide for me. For most of my childhood , from three to seven I was abused by my father who was later sent to prison. Ever since then , I haven't let many boys come close to me but a few. I'm the type of girl that most people know as shy , or antisocial. It sucks with having to grow up not being able to trust many people and having someone talk behind your back every way you turn.


Once I got home , I ran upstairs not even checking if my mom was home or not. I hopped on my bed and opened my laptop , logging into twitter. I got up and put the movie into the DVR , then layed back down pulling my covers over me. After about 45 minutes into the movie , I knew that renting it was a waste because all I did was scroll up and down my timeline on my computer. All I could see were tweets talking about Justin Bieber coming back to Canada. Oh great. I automatically started getting anxiety , but right before I thought it couldn't get any worse , there was a tap at my door.

Mom: Lexi , sweetie , can I come in?

Lexi: Oh yeah , sure , of course.

I quickly closed my laptop and slid it under my bed.

Mom: Honey , I just got off the phone with Pattie , and her and Justin are coming back home for a couple shows!

 Just what I was afraid of. I could tell she was happy , that's all she looked forward to , them coming home. I gave her a fake smile only hoping she'd realize how much I was dreading to see his face again.   So basically , my mom is the one person that knows me like the back of my hand. I mean , through everything , she's stayed by my side even with all of my problems but she never really understood what went on at school.

Pattie , Justin's mother , is my mom's best friend and you could technically say , my "second mom". Before Justin went on tour they spent every single day together. Since Stratford is so small , everyone in town knew them together as best friends , "Pattie and Michelle". Every morning after school drop-off they would go get a coffee and take a walk or go shopping. It does make me feel bad knowing my mom doesn't have her best friend by her side every second anymore , but it's hard to feel guilty , therefore I don't have my best friend anymore either , Justin.












Hi guys(: Hope you enjoyed the first chapter! It gets a lot better and more exciting.. So keep reading. d:

Thank you<333

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