I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


16. I Want You Here

The lights in my room were flipped on around 8 a.m. I shot my head up and Ryan ran over and flopped on my bed.


Ryan: Who’s ready to have some fun today???


Lainey tiptoed into the room several seconds after then realizing I wasn’t asleep anymore. She giggled to herself.


Lainey: Oh , I guess you aren’t asleep anymore.


She then also took a running start and jumped onto my bed. She and Ryan laughed at each other.


Ryan: Little late , boo.

Lexi: You guys… I’m still recovering.

Ryan: That doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! We wanna get your mind off of things.


I lied my head back down and stared at the ceiling , then sighing in a burden of stress.


Lexi: Alright… I guess. Where do you wanna go?

Lainey: Wanna take a Tim Horton’s run and we can figure out what we wanna do from there?

Lexi: Yum. I’m in.


Ryan and Lainey backed off my bed and began to walk towards my bedroom door.


Lainey: Okay well start getting ready! We will meet you downstairs.

Lexi: Wait , but-


Ryan kept walking forward and Lainey leaned her head back to hear what I had to say. It’s like they totally forgot I wasn’t able to move. That I had broken ribs and had been trying to recover from surgery. I just wish Justin were there. He would’ve known exactly what to do.



Lexi: Uhm… I can’t really get dressed on my own or move….

Lainey: Oh my God I totally forgot , sorry.


She walked over to my dresser and picked me out a pair of shorts and a comfy sweater.


Lainey: Here , doll.


She helped me slide the clothes on , walked over to my closet to get me my vans , then helped me up into my wheelchair.


 Lexi: Thank you so much , Lain. Now you go get ready… I can do everything else on my own I think. Love ya.


She shuffled out of the room with a happy smirk on her face and I wheeled myself over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth , pulled my hair into a messy bun , and put on my glasses because I wasn’t in the mood to wear my contacts. I applied some mascara and picked up my phone and made my way into the living room.



Lexi: Daaamn , my arms are already about to fall off… This is more tiring than I thought.


Ryan giggled at me and took control of the wheelchair.


Ryan: Here… I got it. You can relax , Lex.


We went outside and got into the car , driving off. My phone started ringing and Ryan leaned back and smiled at me since he could pretty much predict who is was.

“my bieber<3” popped up on my phone and on my face appeared nothing but happiness.



Lexi: Hey sweetie.

Justin: Hey baby , I miss you like crazy. How are you today?

Lexi: I’m fine… Still having a hard time moving , but I’ll get through it because I can’t spend another minute without being with you.

Justin: I just wanna cuddle with you right now…


He sighed to himself and then someone called his name in the background. At this point Lainey was pushing me through the door of the coffee shop.


Justin: Look , I gotta go to rehearsals. I’ll text you before the show. Can we please face time tonight so I can see you?

Lexi: Of course baby , you’re gonna do great tonight… I know you will. I love you.

Justin: I love you . angel.


I hung up the phone and slid it in my pocket , since it was my turn to order.


Lexi: Uh , I’ll have a double mocha , no whip. Thanks!


After Ryan and Lexi finished ordering we went over to a table and starting talking about plans for the tour. Soon after , I began to notice how familiar where we were sitting was. The same exact place Justin and I were the time we made the “promise”. I sat there in silence and thought to myself. He was the biggest jerk to me , he made me cry for days , but even back then I still cared. It’s just times like this where I realize everything wasn’t really the perfect fantasy that I thought it had all turned out to be.


Lainey: Um , Lex?

Lexi: Oh… I , I’m sorry I was just thinking.

Ryan: Are you okay? Ever since Justin left you seemed completely depressed.


I shook my head in confusement.


Lexi: What? That’s maybe because I am? At times it feels like my mom could give two shits about me. I know I’m 18 , and I’m supposed to take care of myself and all , but I just got out of the hospital. She maybe came to visit me once? I’m just tired of it , I wanna be with Justin.


We talked for what it felt around 2 hours and made our way back home. I lied down on the couch and turned on the T.V.

“Justin Bieber talks about love life and his new girl.”


My heart began to race and I listened closely as his face popped up on the screen.


Interviewer: How and where are you in your life right now?

Justin: Well , I think I can honestly say that this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I couldn’t be more grateful with where I am in my life. Shout to my beautiful girl: I love you and I miss you like crazy… Get better so we can be together again , I want you here.


He blew a kiss to the camera and the news went to a commercial. I pretended as if I were talking to him even though he wasn’t there.


Lexi: I miss you so much.


I closed my eyes with a smile on my face and soon after I was in a deep sleep.









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