I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


13. Forever


Lexi’s POV:


Justin and I sat there with our mouths dropped open and trying to re-think what we just heard.


Justin: Wait…

Lexi: Are you being serious?


Lainey let another tear slip from the corner of her eye and they both nodded their heads.


Ryan: We were being stupid… I don’t even know what I was thinking. We were at Mitch’s party the first night you were in the hospital and we both got wasted to where we didn’t even think twice about what we were doing. We got carried away I guess.


Ryan then shook his head and put his arm around Lainey , trying to comfort her.


Justin: How do you know for sure that she’s pregnant?

Lainey: I-I missed my period , my appetite has been screwed up , I get pains in my stomach at random times.. I’m just a mess.

Justin: And have you gone to the doctor yet?


Lainey started to get really upset , then began to almost scream at Justin.


Lainey: Justin! If we went to the doctor , our parents would find out. If our parents found out , we’d burn in hell! Are you kidding me?


Justin stood up , and paced around with his hands glued to his face.


Lexi: Sweetie , please sit down.


He then took a seat right by my side and leaned his head on my shoulder. All four of us stared off into space for a good minute or two until I finally decided to say something.


Lexi: If it makes you feel any better , you two can spend the night here tonight if you want. We could sleep in the two spare bedrooms downstairs. I think Justin is gonna stay over to help me out.


Lainey gave me a sincere look and tightly squeezed Ryan’s hand.


Lainey: Thank you , it means a lot.







Justin turned off the light with his free hand as he carried me with the other. He shouted into the other bedroom Ryan and Lainey were staying in.


Justin: Goodnight guys! Lain if you need anything , you can just wake me or Ry up.


He set me on the bed and ran his fingers through my hair , giving me a sweet grin.


Justin: You’re so beautiful , baby. I can’t wait ‘till you feel better.


He softly kissed my forehead and helped me up to the backboard of the bed. He then pulled down the covers , laying down , and wrapping his arms around my waist.


Justin: Well… This has been a crazy day… Goodnight Lexi-Lu , I love you.


With that he turned off the lamp on the nightstand and pulled the covers over us ,  curling his body around me. He wiped my hair off to the side and placed a warm kiss on my neck.


Lexi: I love you , J.





I was woken up around 2:00 a.m. by the sound of running around and gagging noises. I turned to my side and Justin was no longer next to me. I lied there , considering I couldn’t move anywhere and started shouting his name to see what was wrong.


Lexi: Justin! Justin?


He came running into the room with messy hair , and only his boxers on. He looked at me with a frightened look and then tried to explain what was going on.


Justin: Lainey has been up puking for an hour straight. We don’t know what’s wrong with her but if she just got pregnant, she shouldn’t already be this sick.


I tried to sit up because of how flustered I was and Justin came running over to me , laying me back down.


Lexi: But-

Justin: Baby , you can’t get up. Please go to back to sleep. We are going to take her to the doctor in the morning depending on how things are going.


He leaned in and kissed my lips , holding it for a couple seconds.


Justin: Muah. Now get some sleep. I love you.


I sat there still , with my eyes wide open after Justin walked out of the room. I wasn’t able to move anywhere but I tried as hard as I could to listen in.


Ryan: Baby you’ll be okay.


I squeezed my eyes shut because of the sound of Lainey throwing up again.


Lainey: It h-hurts s-s-so bad.


I looked in the mirror that was straight across the hallway and saw the reflection of Justin and Ryan bending over trying to help Lainey.


Lainey: I n-eeeed to go to the hospital. Now.


Justin ran through the room and to the night stand , picking up his phone. He then pulled up his pants and threw on a shirt. I noticed him running his fingers through his hair , making it stand up , then glancing over at me in the bed.


Lexi: Justin , where are you going?


He quickly turned back and walked toward me looking as if he were very concerned.


Justin: Babe. Please sleep. Please. Ryan and I need to take Lainey to the emergency room.

Lexi: But I can’t sleep without you?


He smiled at me and came over to kiss my forehead. He tucked the covers in around me and set my phone on the bed near my pillow. I felt something land on my lap and I looked down to notice Justin’s sweatshirt.


Justin: You’ll be fine , Lex. You can cuddle with my sweatshirt while I’m gone. I promise I’ll be back by the time you wake up. Call me if you need anything. I love you so much.


The door closed behind him and I curled up with the sweatshirt beside me , closing my eyes.






Justin’s POV:



The whole way to the hospital Ryan sat in the backseat holding Lainey’s hand while she moaned in pain. There was something seriously wrong with her , but we had no idea what. I drove past the speed limit , getting nervous about what the doctors would have to say and if Lexi was okay at home. I hated being without her , it was probably the worst feeling in the world , but if I tried to bring her with , it’d make things 100x worse.

We pulled up to the hospital and Ryan flew open the door , picking up Lainey , and carrying her in.


Ryan: It’s an emergency , please.


The office was empty , so they were able to take her back to the room while she was getting sick in the garbage can I held next to her.


Doctor: So what’s going on here???


He gave us a panicked look and started to lay Lainey back. I stepped towards the corner of the room , so Lainey and Ryan could be together.


Lainey: I think , I-I think I’m pregnant.


She screamed once again because of how intense the pain was.


Doctor: Alright. We will hook you up to some pain killing medicines and check out what’s going on with you. The best thing for you to do is to stay calm.


I sat there hiding my face because of how much she was hurting. Ryan was so strong. I wasn’t ready for this… It was too much for me and it wasn’t even my girlfriend.

The nurses came rushing back in , giving her shots and hooking her up to ivies. The doctor started the ultrasound and Ryan stood right by Lainey , holding her hand.


Doctor: Well… I’m not sure what type of news this is to you , but you are pregnant. In fact , 9 weeks pregnant.



We all stood there in complete shock , and Ryan glanced over at me.


Ryan: Wait… She’s already 9 weeks?

Doctor: Yes sir , and the baby looks completely healthy.


I looked across the room to see Lainey with a smile on her face and a tear rolling down her cheek. The medicine had started to relax her and she had just been told her baby was healthy , there was nothing she could do but be happy.


Ryan: Well how come she’s still so thin? Shouldn’t she at least be a little bigger?


The doctor shook his head and patted Ryan’s hand that was rested on the table.


Doctor: That’s just how some people’s bodies work. By what I can tell , she has always been a fairly small lady and she might not get bigger until she’s about 15 weeks. Everyone’s different.


Ryan then snuck a smile on his face and leaned down to plant his lips on Lainey’s.


Lainey: We’re going to be having a family , Ry.


She smiled at me and waved at me to come over.


Justin: Well… Didn’t expect that one coming. Congratulations guys.


I gave them hugs and started to think about if Lexi and I were to start a family one day. Now was too soon , we have only been dating for several days , but I could already tell that I would never let her go ever again. I loved that girl way too much , and not even being with her for an hour made me weak.



It was around 4:30 a.m. and we got back into the car. Lainey was much more relaxed to the point where she even fell asleep on Ryan’s lap. I once again thought about Lexi. If she was awake or not , how she was feeling. We pulled up to the house and Ryan stepped out with Lainey in his arms.


Ryan: Thanks bro for helping us out. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.


We walked back downstairs and Ryan got Lainey situated while I opened the door to the room Lexi and I were sleeping in. I stepped quietly towards the bed and sure enough she was sound asleep. I took off my shirt and pants and got in on the other side. I noticed how Lexi had my sweatshirt completely wrapped around her body and it brought a smile to my face. I tucked my head in her shoulder and kissed her jaw line. I whispered to her while rubbing her back.



Justin: Is it bad that I already know I want to be with you forever?











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