I Promise

Lexi is an 18 year old girl who has been best friends with Justin ever since they can remember... But when things get difficult , a promise tears them apart. Justin's tour stops by Canada and Lexi is forced to go to his show. What will happen when they see each other again? Will they express their feelings , or will things get worse?

"I know it's hard but no matter what it is , I love you , I promise."

Read to find out :*


14. Don't Leave Me



Lexi’s POV:

The sun was shining through the dark curtains and I slowly opened my eyes as I noticed Justin had both of his arms wrapped around me. I was really sore today to the point where it was hard to function any part of my stomach area. I lifted up my arm and set my hand on Justin’s cheek. He started to open his eyes and I could tell he was beginning to smile.


Justin: Good morning , beautiful.


He placed both of his hands on the sides of my face and curled in to kiss me. His soft , plump lips connected with mine as his warm body was up against me.


Lexi: Morning , baby.


All of the sudden I felt my stomach drop. Today was the day Justin was going back on tour… The day he was leaving me and I had to try to recover on my own for a while with a little of my mom’s help. I wouldn’t see Justin for most likely a whole month and that completely broke my heart.


Lexi: Justin…

Justin: Yeah?


Tears started forming in my eyes and Justin pulled my head to his chest. He knew exactly what I was talking about and I felt a tear land on my hair.


Justin: I know , babe. It’ll all be okay.

Lexi: No it won’t.


I shook my head , still touching Justin’s body. At this point , we were both crying and sniffling as we were under the covers.


Justin: I don’t wanna leave you. Please don’t let me go.


The door cracked open and there Ryan and Lainey were , holding hands.


Ryan: Good morning!

Lainey: Is everything alright?


They both walked over and took a seat on the bed.


Justin: I go back on tour today.


The two looked at us with upset faces and they had a look of not knowing what to say or do.


Ryan: I totally forgot about that. It’s okay , Lex. Lainey and I can stay here for the days you’re still recovering. I mean , you still have your mom here but we can just be an extra help if you want someone to keep you company.


I lifted my head up and glanced up at Justin. He gave me a little grin and began to rub my back.


Justin: How does that sound? I promise we can face time every day , I’ll call you whenever I can , and we can always be texting.


It was really hard for Justin , he was the one that didn’t want me to stay back , but he knew that if he brought it up again , it’d just make things worst.


Lainey: Well , we will let you two have some time before he has to get ready. Love ya’ll.


They stepped out of the room and Justin and I sat in silence. The only noise there was were the birds chirping and the sound of someone walking around up stairs , which was my mom. We sat there , still not letting an inch of space between us.


Justin: You’re the best cuddle buddy ever.


I giggled at him and a smile drew upon my face. He always knew how to make me smile and I loved that quality about him.


Lexi: No you are.


He gently kissed my ear. He lifted up my shirt a little , massaging around my stomach and looked up at me.


Justin: How are you feeling today?


Lexi: Not very good… At all. But you can continue.


He winked at me and then there was a knock on the door.


Justin: Come in?


A tall man with brown hair and a Yankees cap walked in.


Justin: Scoot!!


Scooter walked in smiling at us but you could tell he was very confused. I had never met him before but Justin had talked about him a few days back , so I just assumed.


Scooter: Hey buddy. And I’m guessing uhm this is Lexi?


Justin helped me sit up and I reached my hand out to shake Scooter’s.


Lexi: Very nice to meet you!

Scooter: You too , we’ve heard a lot about you.


I turned to see Justin blushing and he shrugged his shoulders at me.


Scooter: So Justin , we have to leave in about 2 hours. Enough for you to take a shower and get a few things packed up.


Justin’s smile turned to a depressed looking frown.


Justin: Okay.


Scooter smiled at the two of us and walked out of the room while Justin began to get up. He slid his shirt over his head and picked me up.


Justin: I’m gonna shower in your room , is that alright?


Lexi: Of course , hun.


As we got up the stairs , I smelt the familiar scent of my mom making breakfast.


Michelle: Good morning! Lainey and Ryan just left to go to Starbucks , if you were wondering. Are you excited to go back on tour , J?


Justin: I guess… I’m more than excited to see my fans… I just don’t wanna leave my baby.


She smirked at us and continued cooking while Justin carried me to my room and set me on my bed. I leaned over to grab the remote and Justin started taking off his clothes. I peaked over and Justin playfully yelled at me.


Justin: What are you looking at!?


I chuckled to myself and continued watching T.V.




Justin walked back into my room and took my blow dryer from my desk and plugged it in and styled his hair. I giggled at him as he kept turning back to smile at me. He then slipped on his shoes and started putting his things in his bag. I noticed him keep out one little box and he walked over to my side.


Justin: Before I leave , I wanted to give this to you so you don’t forget about me.


I opened up the velvet box and there was a shiny silver diamond necklace with the letter “J” on it.

I pulled him into a hug and smiled up at him.


Lexi: It’s so beautiful. Thank you. And I will never ever forget about you. You’re the love of my life.


He pecked my lips and lifted up my hair and helped me put on the necklace.


Justin: It looks perfect. Just like you.


We stared into each other’s eyes and he held my hand.


Justin: It’s already 12. The bus is here.


I could feel my heart slowly sinking as yet another tear slipped from my eye. Justin wiped the tear with his thumb and picked me up and placed me in my wheel chair. He pushed me out into the living room where Pattie , Scooter and Kenny where waiting there talking to Lainey , Ryan and my mom.

I leaned my head back trying to force the tears back down.


Pattie: You ready , sweetie?


Justin grabbed a hold of my hand.


Justin: I guess I have to.


He picked me up and took me outside , then leaning me up against the wall. He had to hold me up , considering I didn’t have the strength to barely even move. He tucked my hair behind my ear and leaned in to kiss me. I used all the strength I could to move my head forward and our lips connected. Our tongues slowly started fighting for dominance and his hands made their way down to my bottom. My hands were gripping onto the hair on the back of his neck and I mumbled to him.


Lexi: Please. Stay.


He pulled back because the door was beginning to open and he picked me up right as Scooter walked out of the door.


Scooter: We better get going.


Justin stared into my eyes. Tears started flowing down his face and he pulled me into a gentle hug. Pattie and my mom gave each other a long hug and I could tell my mom was about to cry , which made it even worse for me. We continued to have our arms wrapped around each other while my mom and Pattie said their goodbyes.


Pattie: See you soon?

Michelle: Yes. I hope it comes fast because I will miss you guys so much.

Pattie: It’s only a month. We will get through it , we’re tough. We’ve done it before.


My mom smiled at Pattie and patted her back while Pattie walked over to Justin.


Pattie: Babe , we need to go.



My mom rolled out my wheelchair and Justin helped me sit down in it. He wrapped his arms around me one more time as I quietly cried into his shirt. He looked straight in my eyes and began to let go of my hand.


Justin: I love you so much , Lexi Lu. I’ll call you tonight. Be safe and remember I will always be thinking about you.


I began to sob to the point where I was completely embarrassing myself , but I didn’t even care.

Lexi: I-I love you.


He fully let go of my hand and started walking towards the Scooter. He turned back and a tear fell from his cheek. I felt Lainey's hand rest on my shoulder trying to comfort me as Justin stepped onto the bus.


Lexi: Please. Please don’t leave me.




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