They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


3. School

     Once the roar has died, Mom waves at Sabastion and I, signalling that it was time to leave. Dad and the boys waved goodbye to us from the end of the driveway. Mom dropped of Sabastion first, and let him go in by himself, per request. She then directs the car to her old high school. She entered the drop off round about. 

    "I'll be back at 2:44. The boys and their families are coming over for dinner." She smiles and brushes back a lock of my hair. "Have a great day honey." 

    I stare at the building, then turn back to Mom with a pleading look. 

    "Please come in." I whisper, the nerves overtaking my body. 

     She smiled slightly before finding a parking spot. She lead the way through the front doors. Every head turned our way and people gawked at her as she walked by. She quickly made it to the office, me following on her heels. 

   "Hi," She says to the secretary. The woman pulls her eyes away from her computer. Her jaw drops when she sees mom. "I'm Mrs. Payne. I'm here to get my daughters schedule." My flashes her Hollywood smile and the woman fumbles around. 

   "Yes, of course Mrs. Payne." I choke back a laugh at the woman's frantic attitude. I glance at my mother and she is looking around the room. She doesn't notice the effect she has on people, she never has. Mom is so laid back, she doesn't understand why people don't think of her as just another person. She has never seen herself differently, and that's what I loved about her. The star struck woman produces the paper and with a shaking hand, gives it to Mom. 

    "Thank you." Mom smiled again and sits us down in the chairs. She studies the schedule. "Ah..." She sighs and grins. "You have science with Mr. Zomerlei, I had him." It was strange to be in the place where my mom went to school. Mom had been here before she was a big star. I've never known her as anything but Tori Payne, actress and singer, wife of singer Liam Payne. But here, she had been someone else. 

    "Tori Rossin?" Mom's head flies up to an older, thin man. He looks at my mom in surprise. "I mean Tori Payne." Mom's face brightens. 

    "Mr. Henning!" She stands and hugs the man. "How are you?"

     "I'm great kiddo. How about you? You seemed to have made quite the name for yourself." He grins at Mom proudly. 

    "Yeah," Mom shrugs but smiles. "It's been great."

    "Well, what are you doing here deary? Shouldn't you be out making a movie or something?" The man chuckles and Mom does as well. 

    "Actually, Liam and I moved here this summer, and I came in to get my daughter settled." She waved the man's attention to me. He smiles kindly and holds out a hand to me. 

     "Hello." I take his hand. "Robert Henning."

     "Belle Payne." I smile back. 

     He turns back to Mom. "Tori, this is your daughter? Oh my, you can't have a teenage daughter already!" He cries. 

    Mom laughs and shakes her head. "I know, I can't believe it either." She pulls me close. "But Isabelle is amazing." 

     "Isabelle Payne? I know that name." He looks down at a paper in his hand. His face brightens when he finds whatever he was looking for. "Newspaper?" He smiles wider. "Following in your mothers footsteps?" 

    I'd forgotten I had signed up for Newspaper. I had just wanted and easier class. I'm an okay writer, by no where near as good as my mother. Mom had been the editor the school paper her Senior year and she writes creatively all the time. She is good enough to be published, but she says 'that dream is long gone.' 

   "Yes." Mom beams. "She is a great writer." 

    Mr. Henning smiles again. "I can't wait to have you in class Miss Payne." He checks the clock. "Well, I've gotta run. Great to see you Tori, and I'll see you in class Isabelle." He waves to us before he leaves. 


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