They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


6. Ride Home

     At 2:44, I was standing outside waiting for my mom. That's when I felt my phone buzz. 

    Hi honey. Turns out there was some paperwork dad and I didn't fill out for Sabastion. Looks like we are going to be here awhile  School isn't that far from home, maybe you could walk? Or I could be there in like a half hour.

    I groan at Mom's text. 

    I guess I'll walk...

     So sorry honey. I love you. 

     I sigh and start walking. "Belle?" I hear my name and spin around to see Eric walking my way. My heart beats a little irregularly. 

    "Hey." I say quietly. 

    "Where you going?" He catches up to me, curls a little out of place. 

     "Heading home." I sigh and continue through the parking lot. 

     "Do you drive?" I shake my head. 

     "Nope, I'm fifteen." I groan again. I wish I was sixteen and had a car. My house was at least two miles away, and I wasn't wearing proper footwear. 

    "Then how are you getting home?" He raises an eyebrow questioning. 

    "Walking I guess. My mom can't be here for another half hour." I start walking again. 

    "Wait!" He runs back to me. "I could give you a ride." His electric eyes burn into mine. 

     My heart thumps. "I can't ask you to do that." I look down. 

     "Your not, I'm offering." I can hear the smile in his voice. 

    "Okay, beats walking the couple miles." 

    "Over here." He waves me over to a grey jeep. He opens the passenger door for me and I jump in. He gets in on the driver side and pulls the car out of the parking lot. "Where too?" 

    I point him in the direction of my house. "So what's it like to have famous parents?" He glances over at me with a smile. 

     "It's cool." I grin. "Well," I shrug. "Most of the time. Today was kind of overwhelming." 

     "I can imagine." He nods. 

     "What do your parents do?" I don't want to seem self centered, so despite my nerves I ask him about his life.

      "My dad's an architect." He says proudly. 

      He doesn't say anything about his mom, so I don't question it. "Sounds cool."

      "Yeah, he's designed a few buildings downtown, and a couple houses around town."

      "That's awesome." I smile and direct him into my driveway. He gasps when he sees it. 

     This house was nothing like our house in California, but it was still spectacular. "Ohmygosh." He stares at it. "My dad did this!" 

     "What?" I raise an eyebrow as he throws the jeep into park. 

     "Last summer, this was his project. He said he didn't know who it was for, he never met the owners, but he poured his heart into this house."

      "It's really beautiful." I nod. Then I get a thought that flutters my stomach. I gulp and take the leap. "Would you like to see it from the inside?" 

     His bright eyes fall on me. "I would love too, but I can't today." He sighs. "I have to be at work in twenty minutes." 

     I nod and smile. "Where do you work?" 

     "Trinity Animal Shelter." 

     "You get to work with animals? Very cool." I sigh. 

    He grins brightly. "I love it."

     Silence fills the car. "Well, thanks for the ride Eric, I really appreciate it."

     "Anytime Belle." He smiles at me and I feel the twist in my gut. 

     "Okay, well bye. Have a good night at work." 

     He laughs as I jump out. "I will, you have a good night with whatever it is you will be doing."

     I laugh and wave goodbye as I run to the door. I swing the door open and run into Harry. 

     "Ooff." I push away from him. "What are you doing here?" I ask rubbing my forehead that had smacked against his chin. 

      "Your mom asked me to be here for when you got home." 

      "She didn't ask you to come get me?" I ask, slightly angry. 

      "Looks like you didn't have any trouble finding a ride." He says coldly. 


      "Who was the boy?" 

      "Just a friend."

       He grunts. 

       "It was my first day Harry. He's just a friend, don't go all crazy on him. He just saw me walking home and offered to give me a lift. That's all." Though I wouldn't mind if he was interested in me. 

     He is still staring me down when my parents come in. Sabastion runs upstairs to get a snack, but Mom and Dad take in the scene and give Harry and I perplexed looks. "What's going on here?" Dad asked. 

     "Belle got a ride home from a boy." 

     "A boy!" Dad asked his tone hard. "What's his name?" 

     I look down. "Eric."

     "Eric what?" He starts pacing. Mom places a hand on his shoulder and smiles to calm him. 

     "Eric Haberling." I whisper. Mom whips around like a tornado, her face pale. 

     "Haberling?" She questions, her voice catching. 

     I look at her confused. "Yeah, why?"

      Dad looks at Mom, and then back at me with the same look I wore. 

      "Oh...I...ah...I have to go help Sabastion." She runs away from us. 

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