They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


4. My Effect

     Apparently I didn't know the effect I had on people either. 

     I was sitting in my English class when I noticed the girls whispering and pointing. I refused to look over at them, I just opened my ears and listened. 

    "She looks just like her." A beautiful girl with red curls said. 

    "No way," A brunette shakes her head. "Why would she be here? They live in California. I saw their house in People magazine two years ago."

    "Well I just read on TMZ that they were moving this summer, but they hadn't said where. She is from here." Another brunette shrugs and nods at me. "Why don't we ask."

    "No way!" A blond girl with her hair tied up in a bun hissed. "If it's not her daughter, we look like idiots." 

    But..." Brunette number two is cut off when the teacher enters the room. 

   "Morning class." She says in a chipper voice. "I'm going to take attendance now. Let me know if you want to be called anything else."  As the P's get closer, I feel the girl's eyes burning into my skin. And here is came. "Isabelle Payne?" The girls gasped and all eyes fell on me. I let my hair fall in front of my face. I look up at the teacher. She is staring between me and the clipboard in her hand in disbelief. "" She stutters. 

    "Here." I whisper., but she doesn't move on, she continues to stare at me, as does the rest of the class. I wish I was at home. I wish I was watching a movie with Sabastion, or shopping with Mom. I would even rather be watching Niall eat like an animal than be here right now. 

    "You're... you're... you're..." The teacher stutters. 

    "Your mom," A boy on the other side of room grins. "Is so hot." He high fives some of his friends and the girls groan. 

    "Your dad is a amazing!" A small, blonde girl sighs. "So is your mom!" She quickly adds. 

    I nod. "Thanks." I study the desk. 

    "Okay class." The teacher coughs. "Isabelle is just like you guys. And her parents..." She chokes. "Are just like us." 

     "Belle." The room goes quiet again. 

    "What?" The teacher looks at me. 

    "I want to be called Belle." 

    "Belle?" She asks confused. 

    I nod. "Yes."

    "Like the Disney princess?" The blonde with the tight bun chuckles lightly. Her friends copy her, uncomfortably. My face burns. 

    "Yes. My mother loves Disney movies." I gain confidence when the girl's faces changes at the mention of my mom. "That's why my brother's name is Sabastion, and mine Belle. Belle is my mom's favorite Disney Princess, and she just loves the Little Mermaid." I smile. "She told me if she ever had another baby girl, she would be named Ariel." 

    "Oh..." Was all the girl could say. Soon the teacher was able to get class started. I felt the glances throughout class, but I ignored them. The bell rang I grabbed my bag and booked it out of there. 

    "Isabelle!" I hear my name, but continue on. "I mean Belle!" Beside me, brunette number two is racing to keep up with me. I give her a perplexed look. 


    She smiles when I stop. "I'm Ashlyn Mathewson." Her dark hair hung straight down her back. She dressed like sporty spice, with a simple grey t-shirt and blue running shorts and sparkling white tennis shoes. 

    "Hi Ashlyn." I nod and start towards my next class. 

    "Look, I'm sorry about Heather, she can be a real jerk." Ashlyn rolls her eyes as she skips next to me. "Well I'm sorry about everyone. We don't have many celebrities around here if you hadn't noticed, this is kind of a big deal." She laughs. 

    "I know." I nod. I did understand, I just wish I could be more like my mother. Despite all of our physical similarities, I didn't get any of her talents or her personality. I also didn't get her charisma or ability to talk to people. I was not outgoing, I was they shyest person in our family. It sucked. 

    I look down and walk away from Ashlyn. "Hey Belle!" The girl comes back to me. "I'm sure you'll get a lot of offers, but maybe you'd like to have lunch with me today?" The brunette looks at me hopefully. I had been afraid people would want to be close to me for my name, but Ashlyn didn't seemed phased by it, she seemed to just be a nice girl offering her company. 

   "Sure." I nod and smile slightly. She grins and claps. 

    "Awesome! What's your third hour? I could meet you there and we could walk there together." 

    I pull out the folded piece of paper and study it. "Umm... choir." I look up to see her smiling from ear to ear. 

    "Me too!" She giggles and wraps her arm around mine. "Where you off to right now?"

     "Science." I sigh. 

     She laughs at me hatred of the subject. "Well the science hallway is right here." She points to the hallway across from us. "Then the choir room is right down there." She points down the hallway perpendicular to us. "See you there next hour!" She says happily and jumps down the hallway. I smiled to myself and walked into Mr. Zomerli's room. 

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