They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


2. My Crazy Family

     I was downstairs and ready in forty-five minutes, but there was no sign of the boys. I found my parents in the dining room talking with my younger brother, Sabastion.

     "Are you excited for your first day of fifth grade Sabastion?" Mom takes a sip of her coffee as Sabastion shrugs. Her blue eyes roam over to me, and she smile brightly. "Oh Belle! You look beautiful."

    My dad turns around in his chair and looks at me proudly. "Lovely my dear."

    Even Sabastion gave me a small smile. I looked down at my peach high-low dress that I had paired with a long turquoise necklace and tan sandals. I had even curled my already wavy, dark hair.

    "Thanks guys." I look towards the front door. "Where are the boys?"

     Mom bites her lip and dad looks at me guiltily. "Oh, darling, about that. They won't be here until seven."

     "What?" I groan as I fall into the seat across from my mom. I take a piece of toast from the middle and spread peanut butter on it.

      "We wanted to make sure you were ready on time." Mom says in her chipper voice that I usually appreciate, but not in this matter, not today.

    "Oh, I'm ready." I prop my head up on my hand and pout. Mom gets up and pours another cup of coffee, one with all my favorite fixings and sets it before me.

     "Thanks." I smile. She knew I couldn't resist coffee.

     At seven, four loud voices storm into our house.

    "Tori! Liam!" The voices called out to my parents. The two shared a smile and stood, awaiting their arrival. Uncle Niall attacked my mother, his best friend, picking her up and spinning her around. He placed a big sloppy kiss on her cheek. Mom's laughing hysterically once he sets her down. Then Louis, Harry and Zayn grabbed Mom and Dad and pulled them into a group hug. Niall wrapped his arms around the group for a brief second before he sat by Sabastion and I, taking the leftover food hostage.

     "Excited for school?" He mumbled to us through a full mouth.

      Sabastion just shrugs so I do too. Niall's eyes stayed on me and he smiled. "You look just like your mother..." He ponders the thought. "Well except for your hair, that you get from yo daddy oh."

     Looking like my mother? Most of my old friends used to hate being compared to their parents, but I loved it. My mother was gorgeous and she ranked number one on the list of Hollywood's Most Beautiful to prove it. That was the year my parents had gotten engaged, and she had been on the list ever since. Oh right, I hadn't mentioned who my parents were.

    My father was Liam Payne. Member of the boy band, One Direction. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall were his band mates. They met when they were teenagers on a singing competition in England, where they were but together to form a band.

     They were really successful and a few years later, when she was in college, my mother, won the American version of the show. My parents met when they sang together for an award show not long after mom won the show. They fell desperately in love, or at least that is how Louis always explains it to me.

     Over the next few years, Mom toured with them. She started acting as well, and it turns our she was really good. However, she can't dance, so there went any dreams of a triple threat.

     After two years of dating, Dad proposed and Mom and Dad were married a year later. The wedding was huge and all over the news. I've googled it, it was incredible. I wish I could have been there, but obviously that wasn't possible. They continued to tour together until my mom got pregnant a couple years later. She started staying at home more.

     Dad and the boys still tour occasionally, but the band has become less popular. Though Mom is still acting, but she and dad decided to back off of the Hollywood scene and spend more time with Sabastion and I. I love the perks that come with my parents being famous, but I also love that they were always around during my childhood, and that they are going to continue to be there for me through these next few years. 

     Now I loved my parents dearly, and they have always been fun and crazy parents, but I know my life wouldn't be the same without my crazy Irish/English uncles. 

    Niall is making funny faces at Sabastion, when I find myself being dragged out of the seat. A squeal fell from my lips as Louis spun me to him. 

     "Look at you!" He turns to Harry and Zayn. "Look at her!" He takes both of my hands in his and talks in a strange voice. "Absolutely gorgeous!"

     "Stunning." Harry throws out his hand.

     "Spitting image of her mother." Zayn sighs happily. He glanced over at Mom, who is leaning against Dad and he had an arm wrapped around her. 

     "Thanks guys." I say for the second time today. 

     "You are going to knock everyone's socks off today." Louis continues with the voice. 

     I laugh. "I'm not sure about that." 

     "Don't you know who you are?" He asks in an accusing tone. 

    I know he was trying to make me feel better because today I had to start at a new school, a normal school. I used to go to a prep school in California, but as part of my parent's settling down, we moved to my mother's home town, Hudsonville Michigan. I used to go to school with Brad Pitt's kids, but now it was public school for me. 

     I shrug. "Isabelle Payne."

    Louis throws up his hands. "Isabelle freakin' Payne!" His tone rises. "Daughter of Liam and Tori Payne, international superstars! Plus you have some amazing uncles." He waves his hands at the other boys and they all cheer. "Plus you have the best little brother ever!" He high fives Sabastion behind me, but his expression holds the same seriousness. "You are incredible, and beautiful and intelligent. And everyone will love you!" He kisses my forehead as the crowd screams.



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