They Don't Know Us

Fifteen-year-old Isabelle grew up in California with her famous parents. Recently her parents decided they would move back to her mothers home town. Belle doesn't know what to expect from the small town. How will she an her family adjust to the move? And how does the town react to their presence?


7. Mother Daughter Talk

    I knock on the door to Mom's library, where she goes to be alone. "Mom?" 

    I found her sitting cross legged with photo albums open surrounding her. Her hair tied back in a loose ponytail and her eyes were red. 

    "Mom?" I sit beside her. She continues to stare at the picture in her hand. Then she hands it to me. It's a picture of her when she was my age. Her hair was short and wavy. She wore a black bathing suit and was in between two smiling faces. The girl had short dark brown hair and brown eyes with freckles and the boy had dark red curls and blue eyes and freckles like the girl. He looked just like Eric. I looked up at her surprise written on my face. She registers my recognition and bites her lip. 

    "That's Ali and Devin." She gulps. "Ali was my best friend, and Devin, well he was my boyfriend." She shook her head. "I haven't thought about them in a long time. Ali and I lost touch after your dad and I got married. She was married too, and with both of us working, having a family and living a thousand miles apart, it was too hard to be friends. Devin and I broke up when we went off to college." 

    I stare dumbfounded at her. "I thought you didn't date anyone before dad?" 

    "I did. I knew Devin for two years before we started dating. And when we did, it was only for a few months, but I thought I was in love with him." She sighed and wiped away a tear. "But I didn't. I love your father more than anything." She smiles. "It's just weird to think he had a life after me, even though I did." 

    I nod. I guess that makes sense. You think your first love with always love you, but then they go off and find someone else. That's gotta hurt. "I'm sorry mom." 

     She shrugs. "How was your first day?" She stands and wipes her face dry with her dainty fingers. 

    I fill her in on the reactions of everyone. I tell her about Aslyn, Autumn, Eric and everyone else. 

    "I'm sorry people are treating you differently. I'm happy you made some friends though." She gives me a hug. 

    "Hey mom?" 

    "Yes sweetie?" 

     "Did you take choir?" She groans loudly. 

     "Yes, but I quit because I hated the teacher."

      "Was her name Mrs. Andre by any chance?" Mom's eyes grow wide.

     "No! Is she there!"

     I nod and we both laugh. "She's horrible!" I tel her how she glared at me when I laughed. "Then she kept going on and on about how talented you were and how she knew you were special."

     Mom laughs and slaps her leg slightly. "That's rich! The woman hated me. I never got solos, she favored many people, but I was not one of them. She didn't think I was talented. That liar." She shakes her head. 

     "She wants you to come into class time." I giggled. 

     Mom groans loudly and throws up her hands. "I will not be her friend! I won't do it." We walk out of the room laughing. 

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