Baby I...

It was the beginning of a new school year and Ashley is planing to change her personality and style she was tired of getting bullied and she had enough of it until she saw the new boy Justin and they both fell in love at first sight


2. Shopping

- Thinking of deleting this story I don't think it's going very well so yeah-

When we got to the mall we headed straight to the first store we saw. I saw some cute high waisted shorts the where red and I got a bother pair those where black. I got three crop tops, and I purple strapless dress. Then we went shoe shopping and I got some black flats, some neon pink toms and some black wedges. Before we left we went to forever 21 I bought a floral dress that I thought would go cute with the floral dress, skinny jeans, a red pencil skirt and a cute black v-shirt that would go cute with the pencil skirt and the wedges. 

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