Baby I...

It was the beginning of a new school year and Ashley is planing to change her personality and style she was tired of getting bullied and she had enough of it until she saw the new boy Justin and they both fell in love at first sight


3. Getting ready for the first day

It was the first day of school I got up took a shower and changed into some white high waisted shorts and a black crop top some black and white converse  then I curled my hair and put some light make up. I went downstairs and had breakfast then I called maya 


M: Hey ash what's up? 

A: Hey want me to pick you up? 

M: sure 

A: K be there in 3 


 See we live close so it wasn't hard for us too see each other.

i got in my car and drove to her house. She was waiting outside when I saw her I stopped the car and she hopped in. When we got to school all eyes where on me it was like I was the center of attention and then I saw somebody that I have never seen before. He was tall and his hair was a light brown his eyes where the color of honey and his smile was just too die for.


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