Baby I...

It was the beginning of a new school year and Ashley is planing to change her personality and style she was tired of getting bullied and she had enough of it until she saw the new boy Justin and they both fell in love at first sight


5. After schoI

I drop maya at her house and then I stopped by mine I changed into some shorts and a top and some purple vans she then heard her phone ring and it was a text from Justin 

J: Hey beautiful 

A: Hey 

J: I found out where u lived so I'm outside 

A: how? And okay 

J: I have my ways 

A: sure you do I'm on my way 

J: k

*end of conversation* 

i walked down stairs and into the front door with my phone and my purse. He was standing outside in front of his car. When he saw me he came over and gave me a hug. 


"Hey. So where are we going?"

"to the park"


He opened the front door for me and I din't expect that. He then got over to his side and he got in and started driving. When we got there he did the same thing he openede the door for me and closed it 

"what a gentlemen"

"Mt parent raised me to be one for when I have a beautiful lady like you"

i started blushing so I put my head down he then came I front of me and pit my head up with his index finger and kissed me. I kissed him back. And then I felt a million sparks and the hole zoo was in my stomach we stood there for what seemed like hours but it really was like a minute


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