Truly, Madly, Deeply Falling

Heyyy! My name is Katrina, you can call me Kat. I'm 16 years old now. However, this story starts off in my second year of high school, thus I was 15. I can be described as...well, let me put it this way. If this was some kind of stereotypical teenage movie, I'd never really be the snobby popular girl. I'd pretty much be the nice girl who's friendly, nobody really hates (yet), and has a life I'd never give up for anything. I have a loving family, wonderful friends and all that I can ask for. But then in the second year of high school, my life took a rough turn on to crazyville. Crazy right? Ha. I hope you enjoy my story and trust me, when you think it just stopped getting weirder, it gets weirder. So don't stop reading ;)


3. Familiar Face

Katrina- um hey *i pat him on the shoulder* he turned around Katrina-OMG! ZAYN I thought u didn't go here!?!?!?! Zayn- *scratches his head* oh yeah lol but now I do ;) We continued talking about our year and summer. Then it occurred to me how he hadn't tried to contact me. We used to talk everyday. I smacked his arm for not messaging me for a year. He laughed and hugged me. Then I heard Isabel try to get our attention. Isabel's POV: Oh my god they seem to be really close. I think my crush is crushing on the girl I just met, Katrina. She has perfect black hair and is the perfect height for him. She is gorgeous. Ugh I wish I looked like her. My crush, on the other hand, is tall, dark and handsome. He was really tall and has adorable dark brown eyes. He has black hair and is super hot. But, they would look so good together. What am I saying he's mine! (even though I've never talked to him and he probably doesn't even know my name). And I need to get them to stop talking. Isabel- ahem! Katrina's POV: oops I guess talking to him so much wasn't such a good idea but little does she know that he used to be my crush. I hope she didn't mind...who am I kidding. Her expression clearly states how hurt she is. I'm a terrible friend. Zayn- lol Katrina are you daydreaming Katrina- pshh no And we both started laughing like crazy. I wish we could always be this close... Argh. I mentally slapped myself. Zayn is not mine and never will be and now I have to focus on Isabel and Zayn. Yep. Isabel+Zayn forever.
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