Truly, Madly, Deeply Falling

Heyyy! My name is Katrina, you can call me Kat. I'm 16 years old now. However, this story starts off in my second year of high school, thus I was 15. I can be described as...well, let me put it this way. If this was some kind of stereotypical teenage movie, I'd never really be the snobby popular girl. I'd pretty much be the nice girl who's friendly, nobody really hates (yet), and has a life I'd never give up for anything. I have a loving family, wonderful friends and all that I can ask for. But then in the second year of high school, my life took a rough turn on to crazyville. Crazy right? Ha. I hope you enjoy my story and trust me, when you think it just stopped getting weirder, it gets weirder. So don't stop reading ;)


1. Introduction

Katrina's POV: Hi. My name is Katrina Rachel. My best friends are Emma Rose and Ally Kan. I have known them for as long as I remember, and they know EVERYTHING about me. There's not a single secret I kept from them. They are my sisters and I love them. All three of us are 15. We all turn 16 next year but luckily my birthday is in March. So I get to graduate 10th grade as a 16 year old!!! I can't wait till my sweet 16. Well back to me and my bestows (more like sisters). Us three go to Gold High also known as Gold Academy Of The Intellectually And Creatively Talented. Long name right? thats why we just call it Gold High. I'm going to be in 10th grade tomorrow yay! Me, Emma, and Ally are in the same class and I am over-the-top excited for tomorrow. Oh did I mention today was the last day of summer? I guess i did not...well today's the last day of summer, but tomorrow I BECOME A TENTH GRADER :D I'm also in a club called SEC of Gold High, so are Emma and Ally. SEC stands for Student Events Club. We plan and take care of most or all the events that happen in our school. One event that was introduced to us last year, and planned throughout the summer, was the Student Welcoming Project. About 300 students took a test to join our school from the tenth grade and only 50 got in. I am so excited to meet these lucky 50 newcomers.
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