how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


2. thirteen, three years later

i wake up in my bed, my house, Justin had just gone on his first tour so i miss him, i wish i asked if i could go with, he would have found a way to let me, but i have one friend i can go to, his name is ashton, his dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes, he has asked me out several times, but i said no, im not ready to have a boyfriend

"hey, you awake, time to get up" my technical dad says through the door

"ok dad" the only reason i call him dad is because i don't want to hurt his feelings, and my memory of my real parents is nearly gone

"ok sweetie, hurry up" he says and i roll off the bed, i get dressed and run to Justin's room, i grab  the teddy bear he had from when he was young, it is only the size of my head, i like to hold it when i miss it, i run back to my room and carefully place it in my backpack and run downstairs for breakfast, mom fixed eggs and bacon, Justin's favorite, i quickly eat and get a cup of orange juice, and take it upstairs, i text ashton


hey love...he calls me love because he likes me, but i don't really care

i miss Justin, he just went on tour last night, and he wont be back for three months...i say and put a sad face next to it

awe, you wanna hug when we get to school...he says, i laugh

yes please, i will be spending a lot of time with you while he is gone, ok

yay, ok...i laugh and put my convers on, my hip length brown hair waving, hanging in my face

"vannah time to go" my mother says opening the door

"ok mom" i grab my backpack and run out he door and catch the bus, when i get off the bus i run to ashton on the basketball court and hug him tight

"nice to see you" he says smiling

"you too, your an awesome friend" i say, he blushes more than ever, he always blushes when he is around me, his fit body warm on mine, i can feel his muscles when he touches me, he is strong, when i first met him he was flashing me looks and showing off his biceps

"thanks, so, how are you" he asks as he follows me to the building

"good, i could be better, my "parents" are giving me more attention now that Justin is gone, they gave me an i pad last night" i pull out my new i pad, his mouth drops

"lucky, can you get e one" he asks, i hand mine to him to look at

"ill see, Justin might get me one, if he does you can have that one" i say and take it back, when i put the i pad back in my bag the teddy bear falls out and lands in the rocks

"whats that" he asks picking it up

"mine, i like to hold it when i cant hug Justin, it reminds me of him" i say taking it and hugging it in my arms, it is Justin's, but i didn't want to embarrass him

"oh, you can hug me too" ashton says and holds his arms out, i hug him again, but this time he wont let go

"ashton, let go" i say laughing, trying to pull away from him

"why, i love you" he says and tightens his grip on me, we had just walked into the cafeteria and people start staring and smiling, ashton is popular, but im not, im at the bottom of the popularity list, i don't know why, maybe they see what my parents saw in me, my real parents

"people are staring" i say

"i want them to know i love you" he says and kisses the top of my head, one of his cute friends comes over, i think his name is Jason

"hey ash, whats up" he says completely ignoring the fact ashton is hugging me and wont let go im pretty short for my age so my head is next to his chest, he still wont let go no matter what i do

"nothing, what you doing" he says back

"wondering what this is" he gestures to me

"this is savannah, and she is my friend" he says, i make a face at Jason

"well im pretty sure she has more friends, leave her" he says trying to pull me away from ashton

"i am her ONLY friend jase, and her brother just left for tour, and she doesn't like her parents, i am the only one she has to go to, and if you don't like it, i don't care" Jason walks away in defeat, but i feel i am about to have hell enter my life

ashtons POV

after Jason left i let go of savannah, she looked up at me

"did you get in trouble with your friends" she asks worriedly

"don't worry, im a lot stronger than most of them, plus, if they leave me i always have you" i say, she blushes and we get out lunch and go outside to hang out, she is spending more time with me, she would usually be texting Justin, i cant believe i am best friends with Justin biebers sister, i am a fan of Justin, i respect him, he is a good brother, and friend, of what savannah told me and my first time meeting him, he was hard on me, making sure i knew how to treat her, she got so mad at him, i laugh at the memory, eventually savannah made me leave because Justin was getting a little mad

i love savannah so much

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