how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


3. kidnapped

savannahs POV

after school as i walked home i felt like i was being watched, now almost home i still feel that way, i turn to see a black van pulling up to me, the window of the passenger seat rolled down and a man leaned out to grab me, i ducked and ran

"get back here" he yells, he is in his early twenties, the van goes faster, i turn the corner out of no where, i made that mistake, it was the next block down, and i have never been down this street before because Justin kept telling me not to, it gets darker between some buildings, i hide behind one of them, but apparently i didn't go far enough or they saw me, because they rounded the corner and grabbed me

"let me go, help" i scream, they drag me to the van, i kick and scream, but no one comes to help me, im tied up within seconds and put on the floorboard in the back, they dive away and blindfold me, i start to panic

we take several turns, i smell fresh cut grass fro the open window, one guy grabs my arm when we stop, he pulls me out of the van, the sun is setting, my parents should be worried by now, the guys take me into a house that smells like cookies and brownies, im taken into a room, they untie me and take the blindfold off

"now what do we do with her" the room is filled with ashtons friends, i start to get mad, but they are each a lot stronger than me so i stay quiet

"how should i know, wait til Jason gets back" one of them says, i sit in a corner, the five or six boys talk, i think about how disappointed Justin would be if he found out i went missing, but how long will i be here

"ok shut up" Jason walks in and yells, "we leave her here until she agrees to tell ashton she hates him" he looks at me, i cant do that, he would hate me forever if i said that, he cares for me too much about me, he loves me

"what if she doesn't agree to it" they keep talking about me like im not here and i get mad, its like they are ignoring me

""im right here jackass" i say to the guy who last talked, Jason comes over and kicks me in the stomach, and memories come back to mind of my parents beating me

"don't hurt her" one of them says before he can kick me again, i hold my stomach in pain, my phone in my back pocket, Justin set up a thing on my phone where if i ever need help, hold the on button for five seconds, i do so, acting like im holding a spot on my back, a beep goes off, letting me know it worked, the tracking device is on, Jason looks at me with a sincere look

"what was that" he says

"i don't know what your talking about" i say, he walks back over to me, i back as far as i can into the corner

"yes you do, you called for help, i know it" he yells and kicks me hard in the shoulder, he aims for my neck but i dodge and he hits the wall, one of the other guys grabs me and pins me in front of him

"no, let me go" i say, my heart racing

"why, every one of you, leave, now" he motions for the others, the guy holding me, drops me and they all run out, leaving me alone with Jason, he pulls me to my feet by my arm, looks into my eyes and kisses me

"what the" he kisses me again, stopping me, he holds the back of my head so i cant pull away, when he pulls away i am speechless, wasn't he just beating me a few seconds ago

"i love you" he says and hugs me, i hug him back uncertainly

"but you were just hurting me" i say, he laughs

"i couldn't tell you how i felt in front of them, my life would be ruined" he says, pulling away, our faces are inches apart

"why is it so bad to like me" i ask, he looks away and walks to the window

"because, youre not popular, and if one of us likes a non popular person, then we are rejected" he says

"i wont reject you, i wont reject anybody, not after my parents beat me up every day for no reason, then kicked me out, i know how it feels to be rejected" i walk over to him, "and it was my own parents, who called me a monster, and told me to go to hell, they beat me so bad one night i was hospitalized, they lied and said i knocked stuff down off a shelf and it hit me, and they believed that, i have only had one friend besides my brother for three years, you will never know how it feels to really be rejected" i finish, he looks back up at me in tears

"did that really happen, every day" he asks i nod

"im sorry, for having them kidnap you, i didn't know, i wouldn't have if i had known what you had been through, can you forgive me" he asks

"yeah, and about the kiss, what do you have to say about that" i say, he blushes

"im sorry about that too, but i want to be your friend, even if my friends don't like it, we can start a charity for children's hospital, using your story" he says

"i think that's a great idea, my brother can help us big time since he is Justin bieber in all" i say

"your kidding" i shake my head

"what should our goal be, our motto, we need to call ashton, turn that thing off on your phone" i pull out my phone, turn the distress thing off, and text Justin everything is alright, it went off on accident, he says its fine and to be more careful, i ask him about the charity, and he thinks its a great idea too

"he's in" i say

"so is ashton, we can make flyers, posters, bulletin boards, set them p around town, at houses, on the internet" he says walking around the room

"we can make a commercial, i can get us to Hollywood, my parents wont care, ashton can come with us, it will be the three of us" i say and he hugs me

"that's great, can your parents buy us supplies" he asks

"i can get money and we can go to the store now, i can stay over tonight with you making them, maybe ashton can come too" i say, and he drives me home, or his brother does, i grab some money and a bag for over night, we go to the store and buy sharpies, poster boards, paint, pens, clear packing tape, and refreshments and snacks, we have nearly two baskets of stuff, when we get back to Jason's house his brother orders a pizza, we start right away, Justin said he would meet us in Hollywood in three days to make a commercial, we get our own studio, everything

"so whats our goal" ashton says taking a bite of pizza

"ten thousand" i say right away

"got it" he says, using his artistic skills he makes our first sign

"were doing good so far" Jason says


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