how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


5. first real kiss

the commercial went fantastic, justin was the main star in it in order to get people to watch, but i did all of the talking, justin sang a little in the back, and jason and ashton stood behind me when i talked, it had a really cool echo effect to it when it was finished, and it was awesome, its late at night so we rent two rooms, one for me and justin, and the one across from it for jason and ashton, i go straight to bed, justin stays up for a bit, but i cant, as soon as i hit the mattress im out

"savannah, you still awake" justin kneels down in front of me, for some reason as he started talking like tat i was wide awake, i open my eyes, his eyes are red from crying

"what happened" i ask, sitting up, he sniffles an sits on the bed next to me and hands me his phone, twitter was pulled up, and all i saw was horrible comments on our commercial, but that's not what made him cry, what made him cry was the fact that they were saying how stupid my life was, how my story was fake, and how ugly i am, that's what made him cry, that people say that stuff about me, i put an arm around him, he buries his face in his hands and leans over onto my lap, i keep reading the comments only because not much can make me cry, i refuse to cry, it shows weakness

"what sounds fake about my story, i have scars from three years ago, i can prove that my story is real" i say, justin sits up, his jacket red where his wrists are, but what catches my attention it that his jacket is orange and that wasn't there before i went to bed

"justin" i grab his right wrist and pull down the sleeve, at least ten slashes mark his wrist, a tear slides down my cheek

"im sorry, i couldn't help it" i wipe away his tears, but more keep coming

" justin, cutting like this is addictive, it is worse than alcohol and drugs in its own, terrifying way, it can kill you a lot faster than drugs, one wrong slash, you cut an artery, or a major blood vein, don't do this to your self" i say, he puts a hand on my cheek, i stand up and walk over to his bed, grab the knife he used, open the window, and throw it out as far as i can, he watched from my bed

"well what else do you want me to do, make a song" he says

"that's not a bad idea, write down how you feel, then i can help you make a song out of it, i have made at least twenty of those in the past three months when my life started getting worse, i made three at the orphanage, its not hard" i say, he looks at me

"i guess, but i don't have any ideas to right, i already have songs like that" he says, i walk over to my bag with the laptop

"here, read any of these, you can change one if you want, but see if they suit your pain" i sit next to him, studying his movements, his eyes, his hands, he reads about three of them until he says he found the right one

"what do you wanna call it, i haven't really made a title for any of them except" i look at the one he picked, "that one, that's the first song i wrote, right before you came, i wrote that then came down to think on the couch, and you came in that day" i say, he looks at me and smiles

"to love a smile" he says, that was the title of my song, "how does it go" he asks, im not a good singer, but i still sing it, he reads along with the lyrics, then i play the guitar to it, he likes it

"so" i say

"i want it, i don't want to change it in any way, would you mind coming on stage with me and play the guitar for the commercial" he says

"we are making another commercial" i say

"we are now, we can use this song, it describes what you went through, in detail, no one would recognize its meaning but the people who know you, like me, mom and dad" he says

"mom and dad don't know me, ashton is the only other person that knows me like you do, jason will soon, but mom and dad don't are to learn about me, they just act nice around me to please you" i say

"really" he says and looks back at my song

"yeah, i never spent time with them, i never talk to them about me, i change the subject every time they try" i say

"but why" he asks, he is hurt that his parents had lied to him

"they never liked me, you could've chosen from thirty other kids in the other room, but you chose me" i say

"because you looked so sad, hurt, alone, i couldn't stand to see a beautiful girl that way" he says, i blush, he puts an arm around me, i lean on him

"you know your parents really never adopted me, they were going to kick me out as soon as i you were long gone on tour and say i got ran over by a bus" i say, he looks mad

"your kidding" i shake my head

"they told me to go to hell when i said thanks guys instead of thank you mother, thank you father" i say

"oh my gosh" he stands up, "so you aren't my sister, at all" he clears up

"no, just really close friends" i say, he stands directly in front of me, he leans in and kisses me on the lips, lightly at first, then he goes deeper into me, we go a little crazy, then fall asleep together, when the alarm goes off i roll off the bed and get up, i get ready and meet ashton and jason in the breakfast room, justin comes down a few minutes later and joins us

"so, how did you guys sleep last night" ashton asks

"good" i say and justin puts his head down on the table, i get him a cup of coffee, he drinks it and goes to get a bagel

"well, one of you im guessing" jason says, i laugh and nod

"it turns out im not justins sister, his parents never adopted me, we are just good friends" i say

"really, wow" ashton says

"yeah, that's what i thought" justin says when he comes back over

"so what are we doing today" jason asks taking a drink of his juice

"making another commercial, this time with a song" i say, their eyes light up, justin puts his head on the top of his bagel, using it as a pillow

"wow, what song" jason asks, i pull out my phone and play the song i recorded justin sing last night, they look amazed

"who wrote that" jason says

"justin did, i played the guitar to it" i say, justin looks at me, i give him a quick look, he lays his head back down on the pillow, or his bagel

"wow, that's awesome" ashton says

"thanks" justin says, he looks at me confused a little, when we finish eating justin starts to change, he is really thin, but im super skinny


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