how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


6. braces...nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justins POV

after savannah made me really confused i wanted to talk to her, but i couldn't think of what to say i changed, she stared at me when i took my shirt off

"what" i say

"i just thought" she doesn't finish, and i know what she means, she takes her shirt off, only her bra and shorts are on, i sit on top of her on the bed, we make out for about ten minutes, then we lye there for a while, my arm around her, her head on my shoulder

"i need to go to the dentist today" she says

"you do" i say

"yep, the last time i went was tree weeks ago they said i needed braces, then made an appointment for tomorrow" she says

"so we can make the commercial and take the next flight home" i say, she nods, i get fully dressed, so does she

savannahs POV

i think of the kiss with justin, the warmth of his body, the softness of his lips

"lets go" he says and walks out the door, i follow, we barge into ashton and jason i the middle of a movie

"lets go make another commercial and head home" justin says, they get up and follow me and justin down to the car

"we make the commercial, it gets a lot more positive views, mainly about the song, and how it fits in with the topic, but there are still a lot of negative things on twitter and fb

"come on, the plane leaves in half an hour" justin says and we rush back to the hotel and get our things, we just make the flight, i sit next to ashton on the way home, jason and justin talking in front of us, i lean on ashtons shoulder, i pull out my laptop and watch epic animal fails the whole three hour flight back

"who's hungry besides me" justin says when we get to the car

"i am" jason and ashton say at the same time

"how about you savannah" he asks me

"yeah" i lie, we head to mcdonalds and i get something small, ashton and jason talk to justin at a booth while i listen to music in a well hidden booth on the opposite side of the restraint, then a boy comes up to me, handsome, fit and a couple years older than me, he sits down on the booth next to me

"hey, what you doing sitting here all alone" he asks and puts his arm around me

"why is someone as old as you playing in the playground with little kids" he blushes slightly

"well, i still like to be a kid" he says, he is good at flirting, but im better

"really, have any siblings" i ask

"five, and they are all under ten, its a nightmare" he says

"i have a protective older brother and parents that hate me, and two friends, been bullied my whole life, so beat that" i say, h laughs

"i cant, you win, so where you live, around here" he asks, pulling me closer

"a few miles north, you" i say

"same, what school do you go to" he asks

"im starting at Gibson high next year" i say

"hey, i started there last year, im still going there, but i got held back, so i can see you every day" he says, im leaning on him now

"cool, how many people hate you there" i ask

"none of them, im the most popular guy there" he says

"well im at the bottom where in at" i say, he laughs

"i can fix that" he says moving closer, as if to kiss me, but he doesn't

"only if you want, and you can try, but i really don't care, i have my friend, and when i said i had an older brother, i just live with them, but im technically his sister, but im not, sorry, i just found that out yesterday" i say

"its ok, so that means i win, whats your name" he asks

"destiny" i say, i don't mention what everyone calls me

"im calvin, what's your number" he asks, i give it to him

"thanks, text you later" he says and walks away, justin sits next to me

"who was that" he asks

"a friend, why" i say

"just wondering, he looks a lot older than you"

"he is a year, is that too old" i ask

"yes" justin says

"that means you are too" i say and laugh

"besides me, i know you better than anyone" he says

"i know, but still, he goes to the high school im going to in three weeks" i say

"ok, come on, lets get your braces" he says, i

he has to drag me along to the car, eventually ashton picks me up and runs, i scream, but when we get to the car him and jason hold me hostage in the back

"justin help" i say when we turn at a light

"im driving" he says like i didn't know that, we get to the dentist, i get my braces, they feel so weird, and they hurt

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