how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


4. a good day

at dawn Jason has collapsed on my back, im lying on my stomach drawing, his stomach is on my back, ashton collapsed half an hour ago, i yell and wake both of them up

"what the hell" Jason says and jumps

"time to get ready to go to school" i say, they go change while i do the finishing touches on our last poster, after school we are going to make signs to put around school and town, we are making a hundred copies, i am designing them, they are helping me put them up, and in two days we fly to Hollywood to make our commercial

"ready" ashton comes back in and nearly trips over me

"ok, after school we make the signs to hang around town" i say and Jason comes back in and does trip over me

"ouch" he says turning to see me on the floor

"you tripped over me" i say and get up

"but you were on the floor" he argues

"you could have had your eyes open" i say, he looks down in defeat, ashton and i laugh and we go down getting ready to be driven to school by Jason's brother

"come on dude" Jason says pushing his brother out the door to the car

"shut up" he says, ashton jumps, i laugh, when we get to school i see Justin standing outside his car, i run to him, he hugs me tight

"i thought you were going to meet us in Hollywood" i say looking up at him

"well, i decided to pull the three of you out early, come  on" he says, we all get in Justin's car and he drives away, im in the passenger seat while ashton and Jason fight in the back"

"shut up" i yell after ten minutes of listening to them fight

"why, we are trying to settle something here" Jason says

"what are you trying to settle" i say turning around

"who gets to go with you to hang up signs for the charity" Jason says

"how about this, i go with Justin, and the two go with Jason's brother, settled, now be quiet" i turn back around and Justin is laughing

"but" ashton starts

"i said shut up" i yell really loudly, everyone is quiet the rest of the way to the company where they make those cool signs for charity's and stuff, we make the signs, two hundred copies, i go with Justin on the far sides of town, and Jason and ashton walk out a few blocks, we meet back at the company in an hour, i run around with Justin every few blocks and back to the car, im guessing ashton and Jason did some running too, cause when we get back they are as sweaty as us, we sit in the car for a while, ten we go to ashtons house so he can pack, then jasons, then ours, we head to the airport close to dark, we eat at  a golden coral, then we get on the plane, we each packed a bag of stuff to do on the plane so we wouldn't be bored, i brought a purse type of thing with my i pad i pod, and laptop in it, that's all i need, and justins teddy bear, he didn't ask about it when he packed his things, i guess he figured i had it, and i did, i pull out my i pad and watch instrumental songs on you tube and listen to emotional dark music, it calms me down for some reason

hey, wake up" ashton shakes jason, i turn around to see jasons face covered in washable marker, i laugh when he sees his face, he runs to the bathroom and comes back with a clean face, justin laughs, i put my head on his shoulder and listen to music

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