how do you love me

when vanvan(savannah) gets chosen by Justin bieber from an auction, after her parents ditched her for money, she is taken in when she is ten, but five years later she discovers her feelings for Justin


1. left alone

i don't remember much about my parents, but what i remember isn't a happy little dream, its a nightmare, that nobody knows about


it all started when i was picked up from school after my parents had a huge fight, and as usual they blamed me for it, i didn't know what to do but hide, but they pulled me out and hit me, over and over again, i was only ten, too young to be apart of all this

"you slut, why cant you be perfect" my father yells at me

"sorry sir, im doing the best i can" i say, whimpering from the pain in my stomach

"well do it better, you were supposed to be the perfect little girl, but your a monster, you were never supposed to live in this world with us, go back to hell" my dad screams as he is dragged off by his younger brother sam, he has always treated me like family, but my mom and dad made him take me to the adoption center i stayed there for two weeks, believing what my father had said about me, im a monster

"savannah, there is someone here to see you" the lady from the front desk said to me, i was sitting on the couch in the living room, and a boy a few years older than me walks in, his brown eyes caring, his tannish hair straight and long, he looked about twelve, maybe thirteen, he sat down next to me, i watched him nervously, he was but a foot away from me

"hi, im Justin" he says, his voice smooth

"savannah" i say quietly

"its nice to meet you savannah, are you ok with my family adopting you" his hand is on my hand, its warm and comforting, like a brother, watching over you

"i think so" i wasn't sure if i could trust him after what happened two weeks ago with my dad

"its ok, how long have you been here" he asks, his eyes looking into me, and my heart pounds harder

"two weeks" i answer, what will he say when he hears my story, that im a monster, a demon, a freak

"what happened" his voice caring, i tell him the story, his smile fades more and more as i tell the story, i look away half way through, afraid to look at him, to i look at my socks, black and boring

"do you think im a monster too" i look up at  him, tears in my eyes

"of course not, i could never think that" i lose it and burst into tears, joy and sad tears, he pulls me into a hug, his body warm and comforting

"thank you" i say after a minute or so, and i feel a drop on my head, i look up and he is crying

"why are you crying" i ask

"your story is sad, your parents are the monsters, not you" he says and wipes his eyes, his parents walk in and see us

"you ok in here" the man asks

"yeah dad, her parents are horrible" he turns to them

"they left her here beat up, and called her names, like monster, freak" his voice cracks and wipes his eyes again, im looking up at him, my brown hair sticking to my cheeks

"my, she has wonderful blue eyes" the woman says coming closer, i tighten my grip on Justin's waist, he doesn't seem to mind

"thank you" i say weakly, afraid to talk loudly

"isn't she wonderful" Justin's dad says and kneels down in front of me

"yeah, her name is savannah" Justin says and keeps one of his arm around my shoulders

"that's a beautiful name, did she say if she was ok with us adopting her" the mother asks

"no not yet" Justin says and looks down at me

"if she doesn't want us to we don't have to, we can take guardianship of her, so if she wants to come back she can" the father says, i nod, Justin giggles a little

"ok, we'll go tell the woman up front and be back shortly" the mother says and they walk out of the room

"so, you think you will like it with us" Justin asks me

"maybe, but, will they get mad at me" i ask

"of course not, if something happens, you can always come to me savannah, i will be here for you" those words coming from him sound so real, i nod and bury my face in his shirt, im not crying, but i don't know what else to do, he strokes my hair, which goes down to my ribs, the waves in it fall so they are soft and delicate looking, it shines after i brush it

"ok, Justin go help her get her things" the father says when he walks back in the room

"can i" he makes sure im ok with it, i nod and he follows me upstairs to my shared room with a thirteen year old girl

"im leaving jess" i say and grab my suitcase

"ok vanvan, be safe" she says not looking away from her phone, i have one, a droid, but i don't use it much like her, i use it when im bored and to keep track of time

"i will" i say and start packing my clothes, Justin helps me zip it up and carries it downstairs for me, i insist i can do it but he does it because he thinks i can hurt myself, but im stronger than i look, maybe by a little though

"you ready" the mother says

"yep, ill take her out to the car while yo two finish" he says and his dad throws him the keys, we walk out, this is the first time i have bee outside in two weeks, so i gape at the starry sky, the moon, the cool air on my skin, the smell of rain

"how long has it been since you were outside" Justin asks

"two weeks" i say and he gapes at me, i laugh, its been months since i laughed, it feels good

"come on, its cold" he says and walks faster

"yeah it is" i say walking faster to keep up with him

"come here" he says and holds his arm out, he takes me in them as we walk to a silver mini van, he puts my suitcase in the back and turns the car on, i sit in the back and buckle up, pull my knees to my chest and hold them there, Justin sits next to me and holds me, the heat comes on and he lets go, i wanted to stay in his arms forever, but i cant

"lets get home, its late" the father says hopping in the drivers seat, the mother gets in the passenger seat and we head down the road

"its about an ours drive so you can sleep if you want" Justin says and pulls me close, i nod and fix the seatbelt so my head can sit comfortably in his lap, his arm is around my shoulders and i fall asleep quickly

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