Everything Has Changed

Alexandra must move to paris because his dad got work there, and justin will start his new tour. What will happen with their love? Are they still together?

1. Moving

This morning i wake up with the sunlight through the window beside me "alexa, we will moving at 10, so get ready now" shout my dad "okay dad" i get up from my bed and walking to the bathroom. After take a bath, i used white tank top with blue cardigan, short pants denim, and white convers "morning dad" i said "morning too hun, ready to move?" Ask dad "i guess" i said while i eating my breakfast, my phone beeping. There's a new massage, when i open up, then peep out a name "justin bieber" he's a famous singer and yeah he's my boyfriend

To : alexandra

From : justin

so you really wanna go? Sad to hear that ):

Honestly i don't really want to move, but i have to. I read his masaage with a sad face, i can't leave him, i really really love him. But he must start his tour too

To : justin

From : alexandra

yeah i think so. Btw justin..... I think, we must break up. Not because i don't love you. I love you so much, i really do. But i guess it will never work between us. p.s. honestly i don't wanna lose you):

I don't know why i said that to justin, i still love him. But i know long distance relationship doesn't always work. And i guess my tears falling from my eyes "what's happen hun?" Ask dad while he hug me "i just broke up with justin" i said as the tears start falling down to my cheek "why?" "I just think that long distance relationship doesn't always work" i said with said voice "it's okay hun, life must go on and you must move on. There's someone out there who's waiting for you to love him" my dad said try to stop the tears that falling from my eyes. Then my phone beeping again

To : alexandra

From : justin

why? you know that i love you so much right? you just make the tears start falling from my eyes if you wanna know

Ohgod, i'm not strong enough to broke up with justin. What the hell i must do right now? And finally i just read his massage and start help my dad to packing all the stuff. When i want to put my stuff down, i see my picture picture with justin and the teddy bear he gave me when my 16 birthday. Then i start put my stuff down, i just hear someone knocked the door and i decided to open the door. It feels like a dream, justin is in front of me. When i want to close the door justin take my hand first "i'm sorry i must go" i said while i try to walk away from him, but he hug me tightly, my tears start falling down "what do you want justin?" i said to him "us" he said still hug me "i-i-i can't justin. You know long distance relationship doesn't always work" i said with tears "okay i'll move to paris with you and stop singing" he said with serious voice "you must be kidding me. You will makes you fans disappointed" "i just wanna be with you lex, no matter what that means" he stop hug me and holding my shoulder. We have eye contact, i see his eyes full with tears but he doesn't cry, then my dad join with us "he justin" my dad said "hey uncle tom. Does she really must go?" asked justin "yes she does, i know you love my daughter. But you hear what she said right?" my father replied with a smile. Justin silent and bowed his head for awhile, then he raised his head again and said "okay it's your choice. Bye lex, i love you so much" then he hug me again tightly and walk out the door. I watched him walk away until he disappeared from my sight "okay let's go hun, we almost late" my dad yelled as he walk to the car. I grab my bag and my suitcase then put it in the car "bye atlanta, bye justin. I'll miss you so much" i said as the car began to move away

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