The Dome

Frost Iceworth is a seventeen year old girl who was bullied for the supposed murder of her sister, Snow Iceworth, until she stands up for herself and family. She then switched school to FireFly Academy. FireFly academy is a boarding fight school she has always wanted to go to where she meets Blaze Heatington, a reckless bad boy who takes a liking in her. She feels something for him and they start up a love/hate friendship. They join in the warolympics, a fight to the death involving two groups, the felines and the canines, and there can only be two victors from each group. Their friendship gradually turns into more. Will these two finally be able to turn into love? Will she accept him knowing his secret? Will he accept her knowing hers? Will they fall in love?



I waved my last goodbye at my family as I walked unto the plane. I frowned gloomily at the flying metal death contraption I had grown to hate.

I walked in through the door and smiled brightly seeing as my seat was closest to the emergency door. I walked towards my seat and sat casually immediately putting on my head phones.

I bounced my head along to the beat of 'Therapy by All Time Low'. A boy about my age walked towards my seat and sat by my left. I looked towards him to see his eye catching features. He had green eyes and brown curly hair paired with plump pink lips.

Our eyes made contact and he grinned at me. I grinned back and quickly turned away blushing. He had caught me staring at him.

The flight was long and grueling. The boy beside me had put in his own head phones and was nodding his head to the beat of his music. I had taken mine out and could hear that he was listening to 'Dear Maria count me in by All Time Low'. I smirked at the familiar beat of the song.

I heard some rattling and looked down the aisle to see a flight attendant making her way down the aisle. When she stopped at my seat, she asked me what I wanted. I ordered macaroni and cheese with a can of coke.

I looked to my left to see the boy had fallen asleep. I told the flight attendant to give me two of my orders and she smiled seeing that I was saving one for the sleeping boy. She did as I said and walked of to the next seats.

The flight was to be 25 hours and we weren't even half way through it at only 12 hours, yet, I was dying to stretch my legs out. I got up from my seat and made my way down the aisle towards the bathroom appreciating the blood flowing through my legs.

When I was done with my business in the bathroom, I made my way back to my seat. As I was about to sit, the plane bounced in the air and through me into the chair. I quickly buckled up and cowered in my seat. 

Now you all understand why I hate flying. Those cursed tremors.

The jerks of the plane woke up the boy. He rubbed his eyes a few times before blinking at me and smiling reassuringly. I smiled back relaxed. I brought my hand to my purse and picked up his lunch.

"Here you go, saved you one," I said handing it over to him smiling. He smiled back brightly in return.

"Thank you," he replied taking it.

His eyes went wide when he opened it. I grimaced hoping he liked it.

He looked over at me and smiled brightly relaxing my nerves.

"You have great taste in food. Macaroni and cheese? My favorite," he said to me smiling brightly.

I smiled back and hugged my knees to my chest at the shaking of the plane. I whimpered when the lights flickered and squeezed my eyes shut tightly. 

I felt a hand grasp my own and looked up to see the boy smiling reassuringly at me. He squeezed my hand and I relaxed at the contact.

"I'm Clayton Greengrass, but you can call me Clay, what's your name?" He asked me smiling.

"Frost Iceworth, nice to meet you Clay" I replied smiling back.

The plane shook again and I grit my teeth in fear. Clays eyes softened at my scared face. I whimpered and buried my head into my knees as it happened again.

"Hey, it's okay Frost. It's just turbulence" he said softly to me. I nodded my head in my knees to embarrassed to look at him. I'm such a coward.

"Hey Frost?" He said to me.

I looked up at him teary eyed and whispered a 'yeah?'.

"Here you go", he whispered to me as he put his head phones on me. I relaxed my muscles at the familiar song coming through them. 'Crack the shutters by Snow Patrol'. I smiled at him sweetly at his kind gesture. He smiled back at me sweetly before going back to eating his food.

I had fallen asleep on his shoulder. I woke up to see it was bright and cloudy outside the window. Clay was already up and sipping a box of orange juice. He had saved one for me and I smiled at him sipping on it.

"Sooo, where you of too?", he asked me with a raised eyebrow.

"FireFly Academy", I replied proudly.

He had a shocked look on his face before he began to cough violently choking on his drink. I tapped him on his back trying to bring him relief.

"R-really?" He asked me catching his breath.

"Yeah, why?", I asked curiously.

"Nothing, it's just you don't seem like a fighter", he replied, eyebrows raised.

"Oh if only you knew", I replied fighting of a smile.

"I'm going there too" he replied smiling at me.

My eyes went wide at this. "Really?! What are the odds", I exclaimed smiling widely. At least I've gotten a friend already.

"Yeah, it's my dream school", he replied sighing in contempt.

"Mine too", I replied.

We arrived at the airport 3 hours later exhausted and tired of talking about our life stories. I had learned a lot about him. He had two sisters and a single mom. When he learned he was going to FireFly, he dropped a toaster he was fixing on his foot resulting in him letting out a string of curse words and his mom scolding him since his sisters were in the room. I laughed as he told me that one.

We walked to a yellow bus and went onto it at the parking lot. On the side, it spelt out 'F.A.A Student Retriever'. We excitedly walked up to the man infront of it who was smoking a cigarette. I scowled at the horrid smell and saw Clay doing the same.

"You kids Frost and Clatlyton?", the man asked spreading a foul smell out his smoke filled mouth.

"Yeah", Clay and I managed to get out through our violent coughing.

The man smirked at our suffering. He propped himself off the vehicle. 

"Come on", he said to our heaving body.

We climbed into the car fearing what was in it and sighed in relief seeing as it was normal. We buckled our belts and looked at each other with cautious eyes. The man through his cancer stick to the floor and stepped on it before climbing into the front seat and driving off.

He drove like a maniac. I clung unto Clays hand as he clung unto mine. Wide eyed, we looked at each other before shaking our heads in disapproval.

As we arrived at the school, I was clinging onto Clays waist as he clung onto mine. We walked out of the car and looked at the smirking mad man. He grabbed our luggage and through them to us before driving of to God knows where.

I smoothed my hair out before grabbing my luggage and looking at the school. 

"Home sweet home?" Clay asked me with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at him and back at the school before sighing exasperatedly thinking, 'Did I just take a plane ride to hell?'

"I pray to God it is", I replied to him before walking towards the doors with him trailing beside me.

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