The Dome

Frost Iceworth is a seventeen year old girl who was bullied for the supposed murder of her sister, Snow Iceworth, until she stands up for herself and family. She then switched school to FireFly Academy. FireFly academy is a boarding fight school she has always wanted to go to where she meets Blaze Heatington, a reckless bad boy who takes a liking in her. She feels something for him and they start up a love/hate friendship. They join in the warolympics, a fight to the death involving two groups, the felines and the canines, and there can only be two victors from each group. Their friendship gradually turns into more. Will these two finally be able to turn into love? Will she accept him knowing his secret? Will he accept her knowing hers? Will they fall in love?



(image of Frost as Lily Collins--->)

"Say something! What is it Frost? cat got your tongue?", Ashley mockingly sneered into my face. I flinched away from her. Her bad breath and musky cheap perfume were nauseating. 

I tried to walk around her to my car. I didn't have enough time to dodge before her wrist connected with my jaw. I jerked backwards at the contact. My surrounding peers howled in laughter as I fell to the ground in an attempt to look weak. 

Everyday for the past two years, I've been the targeting of bullying in school. Ashley was the main bully. A bleach blonde girl, who was the play toy of every jock in school. Her face was always caked in makeup, and she always wears skimpy clothes. I hated her with a burning passion. 

I got up of the ground and dusted my rear off, hitching my bag higher up my shoulder. I looked up at her to see her sneering at me, before going towards my car.

"Your a stupid loser, I hope you know that no one like you", she barked from behind me.




"Your mom doesn't like you, they hate that your alive. We all wish you were never born", she sneered at my back.




I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes, the lump in my throat enlarging.

The laughter of the students went from guffawing to silent snickering.

"Hey Frost! You know why they don't like you?! Your a murderer! You killed your own twin sister! Your nasty! Just like Snow was! I bet she's freezing up in hell!" She boomed behind me, cackling at the end at her own sick joke.

The car park went silent as I stopped walking. I heard something in me snap. Dropping my bag to the floor, I turned around slowly and looked at her. Her smirk disappeared when she saw my eyes. I'm sure they were blood red considering what I was feeling.

Rage. Pure blinding rage. I felt it build up from the day my sweet sister, Snow Iceworth, died a tragic death. It built everyday, and now? I'm going to let it all out. On who? Ashley Hale.

I lunged at her in a fast pace with my fist up. I could only see myself ending her. My fist made connection with her nose with a sickening crack, followed by her agonized shriek. She fell to the ground clutching her bleeding broken nose. I jumped on top of her pinning her down, glaring ferociously, teeth bared. I threw punch after punch at her body. By the time I was pulled off her by who I assume is her friend, her body was limp and bloody.

I shrugged my withholder off me, and calmly walked towards my bag. Picking it up, I turned to see the horrified faces of my peers. 

"You realize what you put me through? I thought of suicide every single day, attempted it once, while you were all out partying. OD'd twice, slit my wrist once, and held a loaded gun in my mouth three times, also jumped off my roof. Broke three ribs, my femur, my left arm, cracked my skull at the back, and ruptured my spleen and appendix. Don't forget my broken pinkie", I said to them calmly, with a slight frown.

Their mouth gaping with eyes wide terrified eyes. Faces filled with pity. Guilty sobs flickered through the air.

My eyes flicked to Ashley's unconscious body that was cradled in her terrified friends arms. I looked at her friend and snapped my fingers at her. Her head flicked up as she shuffled away from Ashley's body.

"What's your name?", I asked her with a bored expression.

"B-Brittany", she whimpered.

"Well Brittany, tell Ashley when she wakes up that if she ever talks about my sister again, I will kill her in her sleep...slowly", I said to her slowly.

I then turned around and walked to my car ignoring the terrified teens.

I glowered at them with a mocking smile and waved before driving off.


I nodded my head to the beat of 'Fireflies' by Owl City, coming from my iPod earphones. 

"I try to make myself believe,

That planet earth, turns, slowly,

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay 

awake when I'm asleep, 

Cause everything is never as it seems", I sang out loud. 

The music was so loud, I didn't notice my mom yelling at me. I yanked my earphones out and looked up at her with a confused expression.

"What?", I asked dumbly to her fuming face.

"What? What?! You beat a girl half to death in school, that's what! What the heck is wrong with you?! Why in gods name would you do such a thing?!", she shrieked.

I looked away, my throat swelling. 

"Nothing", I managed to choke out.

"Frost Ocean Iceworth, you look at me right now and give me a reason!", she snarled, obviously pissed at me. 

"She insulted you, me and Snow! She's bullied me for two years and labeled me as Snows murderer! Those overdoses were not mistakes, neither was the loaded gun you found! Also, the scars on my wrists and thighs weren't from shaving!", I yelled at her, breaking down in sobs at the end.

Her glare softened to a sympathetic look as she sat on the bed and pulled me into a comforting hug. I sobbed into her shoulder, soaking it in tears while she whispered soothing things into my ear.

The hug soon after ended. She got up from the bed and held her hand out to me. I took it and followed her as she dragged me downstairs. I wiped the tears away hastily as I saw my dad there. To say he looked pissed was the understatement of the century.

My mom sat me down on the couch before hurrying of to my ranting father. I loved the guy, but at this moment, he scared the crud out of me.

I shrank into the chair as mom told him about what happened and why it happened, not missing out a detail.

His face turned from anger, to shock, to sadness, ending at pride. He stood up from the chair they sat on and pulled me of mine embracing me in a warm hug.

"I'm so proud of you. You stood up for your family, and for that, your going to get what you want the most in this world", he whispered in my ear.

My heart jumped in joy at those words. As he pulled back, I stared at him wide eyed as he grinned at me, before bursting out in a huge grin and shrieking excitedly. I jumped up and down doing my happy dance. I had completely forgotten about the problems that brought this up as I hugged my mom and dad tightly. 

My 19 year old brother, Lanny, short for Avalanche, walked through the door. He was still dressed in his work attire, a firefly costume. He worked at a kids hospital. 

I smiled widely at him as he looked at me weirdly as I jumped on him. I gave him a huge hug as he ruffled my dark hair asking why I was so happy.

"Cause I got into FireFly Academy!"

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