The Story of us

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong guy? well Crissy did she fell for the one and only Bradford bad boy , Zayn Malik. She thought they had forever turns out he was a player. what happens when she falls for the Irish mofo niall horan. Read to find out - fyi its my first so plz no hate C:

1. itro

hi my name is Cassy Im 17 and i live in London with my annoying pesky little brat sisters Amber and Amanda they are 6 and twins so twice the annoyance. I pretty much stay in my room and hide in fear that he will come back and ruin my heart again . who you may ask well the one and only Zayn Jared Malik. he broke my heart in 8th grade. but hey love isnt always what you asked for. am i right. okay enough about mr good for nothing heart breaker. more about me. oh yeah well i have a very thick accent Dublin accent to be exact. i wish to become a singer one day. but anyways its nice meeting you. C: <3 kisses Cassy



Authors note- hey guys im srry if it sucked its my first story/movella but anyways i promise it will get better C:

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