Notorious; adj. Having a widely known and usually bad reputation.

She was a good girl, no doubt about it. Doesn’t go out past curfew. Doesn’t break the rules. Gets good grades, has the best reputation. Everyone knew her for her reputation.

He was a bad boy, no doubt about it. Sneaks out past curfew. Breaks every single rule. Doesn’t give a d*mn about school, has the worst reputation. Everyone knew him for his reputation.

Once good meets bad, there is no going back.

Story ©: rnalikhorun
Cover ©: rnalikhorun

A special appearance of madstylinson (aka Alexus) as Leah’s best friend! Love you & Enjoy! c:

[Author’s note:]
If you’re not a Michael girl after this fanfic, you’re wrong.

1. I

Like a moth to a flame, she was attracted to him, but you were crazy if you ever thought she would openly admit it. After all, he was just bad news, the school’s ‘womanizer’, making just about every girl from every grade fall to their knees for him, always rebelling against every rule given to him. She didn’t go for guys like that; she went for straight A students or a dreamy jock. Never the bad boy, never in a million years would she be with him.

She had to admit, even though with his terrible school record, he was quite the looker. That’s all she would admit he had coming for him. With his pouty lips and crystal blue eyes, even his multi-colored hair was something she could pin as attractive, but only on him. He made it work perfectly.

If you asked him, though, what he thought of her, you would get a small shrug. He honestly didn’t care all too much for the girl, seeing that he didn’t really personally know her other than the fact that almost every guy in school had their eye out for her, or well, her fit bum, and that she seemed too uptight and serious for his personal liking.

Sure, she was hot and all that, with her big brown eyes and long brown hair, her nice body, but he wanted someone who he could have a good time with, someone like Marina Cook, that girl from his English class, or even Eva Miller. The idea has stricken him though, maybe he could be the one to mess with her innocence, but he never jumped on the thought because he knew how tough it would be.

This specific night, he would finally make a move on her, not thinking of the premonition of it all. 


The bright lights around crowded football stadium gave her a slight headache as she tried to avoid looking into them, but sadly the shining light was everywhere you turned. The crowd of proud screaming high school kids weren’t helping either with the splitting pain inside of her head, their boisterous cat calls and hollers for the Marlin High school football team making it ten times as worse for her. It wasn’t their fault though; she was the one who had agreed to come here with her two best friends.

“Come on Marlins!” Beatrice, her one friend screamed at the team, standing up from her spot on the silver metal bleachers. She clapped her glove clad hands together, hollering her cheers in a very obnoxious manner.

“Sit down, Bea,” she rolled her eyes at her curly blonde haired friend. Beatrice knew she had a headache, but still chose to be a pain in the ass towards her friend.

“Oh, lighten up, Leah. Alexus and I both invited you to come with us to the game tonight not to have you be an uptight prude.” She said to her, taking her seat on the bleachers once again. They were sat on the front row, not really giving them the access of being able to see the whole field. It wasn’t really the best place to watch the game, but it meant they weren’t exactly right smack in the middle of all the shouting.

“Bea! Shut up, okay? Leah has a headache.” Alexus stood up for her, trying to tame the moody girl’s name calling. Leah could honestly care less what Beatrice called her, she got called many things and it honestly didn’t matter anymore. Calling her an ‘uptight prude’ wasn’t the worse thing she heard about herself.  Most people couldn't handle how 'perfect' Leah was, causing them to lash out in negative comments about her, which far from being true, but that's just how high school is. Full of shitty rumors.

Beatrice rolled eyes, “Yeah, whatever.”

The talking died down between the three until Seth Jacobs sauntered by, giving the group of girls ‘the nod’, as Alexus calls it, then walked off with his two other friends. Leah could tell Alexus was trying really hard not to freak out until they were out of sight.

“Did you fucking see that? I can’t believe Seth Jacobs just nodded at us, and the fact that Leo and Jarrod were totally checking us out also! We need to go talk to them, like, right now!” Alexus was literally jumping for joy in her seat. Leah rolled her eyes, she knew Alexus had a huge crush on Seth, the school’s soccer star. She had to admit it too, Seth was a cutie. He had beautiful green eyes that always seemed to sparkle, perfect blonde hair, great body, and to top it all off, a fantastic smile. A lot of girls drooled over that boy.

“Oh, would you shut up about your crush.” Beatrice let out an exasperated groan. Alexus never shut up about the boy, and if she ever finally did, something would bring him up again.

“We’ve been over this, Bea, I will never stop talking about him.” Alexus said, then standing up and grabbing both Leah’s and Beatrice’s arms. “We are going after them whether you like it or not.”

She dragged the girls behind her without struggle; she was extremely strong, having to deal with her four brothers wrestling her at home. The girls gave up on resisting Alexus quickly, soon following behind her as they headed of in the direction Seth and his friends had.  Leah didn't honestly care at this point; she was used to her friend's behavior towards guys. She was absolutely crazy, probably would date every single guy on the planet if she could. Leah wondered why she didn't just go after one type of guy, after all, that's what she usually did herself. It stopped her from being called a nasty word by the other girls in school, but Alexus didn't really seem to care.

They went behind all of the bleachers where it was vacant, only a few high school kids smoking fags, which was surprising because there was usually a line because of the snack bar that was there. 

The three girls spotted the boys and quickly ran over to them, avoiding any attention of the other kids there. Most of them were high anyways; if you talked to them or gave them any acknowledgement there was no way you getting anything intellectual out of their drugged-up minds. Leah and the others weren’t up to deal with them.

“Hey,” Leo nodded towards them. He was extremely tall and had a lanky body, but he had rocking muscles which were quite noticeable under his plain white t-shirt. Green eyes, just like Seth, and brown hair that flopped perfectly to the side. His smile, not as dazzling as Seth’s though, was always genuine, matching his personality quite well. He wasn’t a jock of any sorts, but he was just so kind that everyone loved him. Including Leah, which was a no brainer seeing that Leo was basically perfection in everybody’s eyes.

“Hi,” Leah greeted back, an inevitable blush crept onto her cheeks. She couldn’t help it. It was Leo Drakon.  The Leo Drakon.

Leo greeted Leah with the biggest smile ever, showing off his perfect white teeth. She returned the action, giving the sweetest smile she could ever display on her face. The girls finally made their way over to them, trying to act all cute and adorable (more so Alexus, seeing that she was just about to be with Seth fucking Jacobs, but whatever) for them.

“Hey Alexus,” Seth said to Leah’s friend. “How you doin’?”

The group of six stood in a circle, conversing about the shitty football game, Miss Larkin’s outburst on Jarrod for being late to health class,  the awful smell of cigarettes (Jarrod didn’t really participate in this topic seeing that he smokes all the time), how they wished it was summer already,  and what the plans were for each of the weekend. While the discussing progressed, Leah’s eyes wandered to the boy far off in the corner. She could feel his eyes on her, though the dark lighting couldn’t confirm anything for her. He kept lifting his disgusting fag to his lips, taking puffs of the appalling smoke. He probably thought he looked like some kind of badass.  Leah rolled her eyes.

“I’m free,” Leo had admitted. “And I do believe there is a party happening at Drew Shaw’s on Saturday…Would you like to come with me Leah? Everyone is going to be there.”

Leah’s eyes met him and her mouth formed a small ‘o’ in spite of her shock. Did The Leo Drakon just ask her out on a date. Sure, it was a party and parties weren’t usually her scene, but she would do anything Leo wanted. If he asked her to drop out of school or set fire to her house, there was a good chance she would because, OMG it’s Leo Draken!

“Um, sure, sounds fun.” Leah blushed. Oh god, Leo Draken just asked her out. Was this a bet? Was he kidding? Was he going to be, HAHA psyche! I was kidding. That would be cruel. He wouldn’t that, right? No, of course not, he was Leo Draken and and didn’t have a mean bone in his body at all.

“Cool,” he smirked. “I’ll text you about, I guess. You girls coming too?” 

Beatrice nodded, “Hell, we all know I wouldn’t miss a Drew Shaw party for the world. Those parties are a fucking riot, man.”

Alexus laughed, “I’m in.”

As the topic changed, Leah’s attention averted back onto the mystery ‘bad boy’ in the corner again. From what she saw, he was tall and lanky, and obviously went to their school, which only narrowed it down to a dozen of boys; all of which were a part of the bad crowd, people who of which Leah didn’t want to take part of knowing. She only knew a few by name because they were talked about so much.

Something in her made her detach from the group and head over to the snack bar (she felt sorry for the unlucky teens who were stuck with that sh*tty job of watching over the vacant snack bar), causing the others of her group to question what she was doing.

“I’m just getting something to munch on, no big deal guys.” Leah responded, then continuing her short journey to the lineless snack bar. Standing in front of the tired teen running the stand, she cleared her throat to get the poor guy’s attention.

“Can I get a hot chocolate maybe? It’s freezing out here tonight.” She asked kindly, shivering a little as a breeze whips around her bundled up body. The old brown jacket she was wearing wasn’t keeping her the slightest bit warm and she made a mental note to upgrade to a sturdy and warm coat.

As the snack bar guy went off to make her the beverage, Leah heard shuffling behind her and could sense the presence of another body behind her. She turned and the person who was stood behind her caused a scowl to appear on her face.

Michael Clifford.

“I noticed you watching me. Like what you see, hun?” he asked Leah, a smirk cracking on his face. Leah hadn’t been this close to the bad boy before, only watching from afar at school when they were in the same class for art and gym. Granted, he never did gym class, always sitting by the brick wall at school as he watched everyone else run laps, but Leah could still see his eyes follow her body as she jogged.

Leah groaned, “Michael, what do you want? You know I don’t talk to people like…people like you.” Her mind had gotten distracted for a moment when she noticed his eyes. They were a light blue, a kind of green tint to it also. They were beautiful, but still distracting and Leah didn’t like that.

“Well, for your information, I don’t talk to girls who are truant. But yet, here I am. Innit’ a surprise lovely?” Michael looked Leah’s body over quickly, then coming back up to meet her big brown eyes.

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and turned back around, taking the steaming hot chocolate from the poor teenager who was standing there awkwardly. Leah felt bad for him, so bad for him. She was sure there was something else he wanted to do that night, but was stuck there doing almost absolutely nothing. She handed him an unnecessary five dollar tip and mumbled a smile thank you and a small smile.

“So what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to out smoking crack at a party or getting drunk at a club you got into with your fake ID?” Leah said, bring the hot drink to her lips and taking a regretful sip, burning the tip of her tongue.

“You know, not all kids with my kind of rep get high all the time. We do have lives and we do go out of the house and do normal things like you goodies.” Michael put his cigarette to his lips, inhaling and exhaling smoke. Leah coughed, purposely of course, to see if he cared enough to apologize, but he continued smoking.

“Yeah, sure, okay.” Leah rolled her eyes at the multi-colored hair boy. Leah was sticking to the stereotype that was in her head, because she was always right, so she had to be right about Michael. He was bad news.

“So, how about we go out sometime, honey? I can prove to you I don’t always go to parties and get drunk. It’ll be fun, I promise you.” Michael smirked. “I do more, you know, fun things on dates.”

It took a moment before Leah caught on to what he meant. 

“Douchebag!” she scoffed at him, stomping away from him in disgust. Why would he even mention something like that? He was ridiculous. As she made her way back to her group, she mentally wished that it would be the last time she came to encounter Michael.

Not a chance, though.

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