A Dream Come True

It's Febronia and Ereni's Birthday and they get tickets to MOVE to the UK. They go and see a poster saying that none other than Lou Teasdale needs 2 assistants. They right away go to help Lou... See what happens!


3. Sleep Over

Skip The Rest Of Shopping

"Wanna have a sleep over"

"Ya sure I'll invite Christie(Chisteena) and Merna"

"Ok see if Liz can come"

"Ok I'll text em'" Febronia says and takes out her iPhone and texts them.

To:Merna, Christie, Liz From: Febronia

Sleep Over at my house. Hope you can make it! Xx. :) loveeeee

She instantly got a text from all of them.

To:Febronia From:Merna, Christie, Liz

Coming be there in 30 minutes. Gonna be so much fun! Xx. :) loveeeee

To:Merna, Christie, Liz From: Febronia

Great see ya there! Xx. :)

"There gonna meet us there in 30 minutes" Febronia told Ereni


Skip Car Ride

Ereni P.O.V.

"Get in your pjs and I'll put in the movies and get the food and everything ready" I said to Febronia

"Ok I'll get dressed and come down to help you"

"K go" I said leaving the room

I went down and got the funny and horror movies out on the table. Then went to the kitchen and found my little sister Daisy in there trying to reach the chips on the counter. "Hey Daisy what are you doing" I say popping some popcorn. (Our Kitchen: )


"I'm twying to get the sips" Daisy says madly in her baby voice. She's only 5 and my other sisters:

Jasmine is 7

Sophie is 9

Isabella is 4.

"Here" I say grabbing h the chips for her.

She squealed and thanked me. Then, skipped out of the kitchen and I heard our door bell.

Febronia P.O.V.

I finished getting dressed and going down to help Ereni, my twin, with the food when I heard a doorbell. I went to get it and it was Merna, Christie, and Liz. I hugged them and let them in. They went to my room and went to get Ereni from the kitchen.

"Hey, the girls are here c'mon" I said and the microwave beeped.

"Ok let's go" She said as she grabbed the popcorn. We went upstairs and saw them getting settled in.

"So you guys wanna go watch a movie now" They all nodded and we headed down stairs to our huge living room(Our Living Room:


"What are we watching" asked Merna

"We are watching Twitches"

"I love that movie" Ereni squealed.

"Ya that's true put it in put it in" Liz yelled. Then, just when we were about to start Daisy, Jasmine, Sophie, and Isabella came down.

"Can we stay down here with you" Jasmine asked

"Sure" Ereni said to them. Daisy sat between me and Ereni. Jasmine sat between Ereni and Merna. Sophie sat between me and Ereni (on the other side). Isabella came and sat between Liz and Merna. Then Ereni started the movie.

Skip Movie

Daisy, Jasmine, Sophie. and Isabella had slept so we took them in to there rooms. Daisy and Jasmine share a room and Sophie and Isabella share a room.(Each 2 of them have this room: )


"Ok what now?" Liz asked when the movie was over.

"Hmmmmmm oh we can do hair styles" I said

"Ya lets go" Ereni said walking to my room(my room:


"I'll turn on music for us to listen to while we do hair" I said as I plugged in my phone and my songs came on.

Skip Rest Of Sleep Over

Ereni P.O.V.

"So when are you girls gonna go to sleep" My mom asked.

"In a bit go ahead to sleep" I said

"Ok have fun and don't stay up TOO late got it girls?" My mom said smiling like an idiot

"Yes mom" Me and Febronia said at the same time and she shut our door.

"I'm getting sleepy lets sleep now"

"Ok good night girls love ya" We all said at the same time and laughed. Then, I closed the light and we slept.



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