A Dream Come True

It's Febronia and Ereni's Birthday and they get tickets to MOVE to the UK. They go and see a poster saying that none other than Lou Teasdale needs 2 assistants. They right away go to help Lou... See what happens!


8. Hotel and Mall

-Skip Limo Ride-

Febronia P.O.V.

"You lady's have arrived" The limo driver said. We paid him and got out. We made reservations and went up to our room. We past by the Pool. We stood in front of our room. We reserved a luxurious room. Of course we weren't gonna live here forever. Just until we find a home.

"Ok here it is" I said and handed Ereni her room key.

"Let's go in" She said as she jammed the card in the thingy.

"Ok" We walked in and stopped and looked around the- our new room.

"This place is cool" Ereni said and then she closed the door and we walked in.

"I know right!" I yelled and walked over to the bed and laid on it, my feet dangling from it.

"I'm hungry let's go down and eat something" I added.( WE LOVE FOOD )

"Sure then we can go to the mall so we can get new things for Lou" Ereni said as she grabbed some new cloths from her bag. I did the same and went to MY bathroom. We both have our own bathrooms. I got dressed in a Pinkish Lace Top, Green Shorts, Green Necklace, and 4 bracelets. 3 on one hand and 1 on the other. >>

I did my usual Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow, and Concealer. I looked in the mirror to check if it was cute. It was. So I walked out and she still wasn't out. "Are you ready?" Yelled so she can hear me through the door.

"Wait I'll be out in a bit" She said back.

"Ok well hurry!" I said and went to the TV to watch Ellen Show. I love the Ellen Show.

Ereni P.O.V.

I was running a little late cos I needed to find my jewelry from my bag which was at the bottom. I wore a white lace shirt and pink shorts and my jewelery. Some were spiky. >>

I put on some concealer, lip gloss, and eye shadow. Me and my sister go natural not like a crayon rapped our faces. I walked out to see Febe watching the Ellen Show. I jumped on the couch and watched with her.

"There you are let's go" She said looking at me.

"Can we finish this first?" I asked.

"No now let's go" She said pulling me up from the big couch. We walked down to the lunch table in a room. We got some Macaroni and some soda. We sat down and ate. When we finished we went to the guy behind the desk at the hotel. He had a name tag that said 'Anthony'.

"Excuse me" I said politely.

"Yes? How may I help you." He said smiling.

"Can you get us a cab?" Febe said.

"Ya sure" He said. "It is outside now" He added.

"How did it come so fast?" I asked.

"We have cabs out there to take our guests anywhere they want." He said.

"Oh... Well thanks" I said and me and Febe left. We went to a cab driver and got in.

"Where would you like to go, loves?" He asked once we all were in the car.

"The Mall Please" Febe said.

"Sure... I see you girls aren't from here" He said.

"Ya how'd you know" I said.

"Your accents" He said.

"Oh... Ok" I said.

-Skip Car Ride-

Febe P.O.V.

We got out of the car once we paid the guy. We walked in the huge mall.

"Where you wanna go First" I asked.

"Forever 21" Ereni said.

"Ya let's go" I said and we walked in. We bought some shoulder off shirts, lacey shirts, and since it was getting cold in London we bought some sweaters and things for the cold, some tank tops, some shorts, crop tops, high wasted shorts, skirts, high wasted skirts, jumpsuits, and shorts.

Here are some of our clothes.....

(All the Sarah's are Ereni now: Change in Character)

and other stuff...



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