A Dream Come True

It's Febronia and Ereni's Birthday and they get tickets to MOVE to the UK. They go and see a poster saying that none other than Lou Teasdale needs 2 assistants. They right away go to help Lou... See what happens!


4. Birthday Morning

Ereni and Febronia P.O.V.

Our sisters woke us up at 4. Our sisters came in our room and yelled "One Direction OMG" at the same time. Our heads just popped up and we fixed our hair and looked around... Then, realized they weren't here, groaned "GET OUT... UGH" and put our heads back back in the pillow and got up. Our sisters walked out of our rooms giggling. Liz and Christie woke up right after the yell fest and they sat there waking up and stretching and we said "Good Morning". "Morning Birthday Girls" Liz said and we smiled. "How's it goin... BIRTHDAY GIRLS" Christie yelled "Nothing much just a yell fest that you didn't wake up to and it was 1D" Ereni said and I threw a pillow at Christie. "What was that for" she asked. "NOT WAKING UP TO 1D" we said and she threw the pillow back at us. "Let's wake up Merna... 1D style" Febronia said and we all nodded. One Direction Style is when you get your guitar and sing wake up while jumping, just like they did to wake up Zayn and Harry. Febronia and Sarah were good singers and played the guitar. So we did it and she woke up saying "Whatttttt!" She said still laying down. "Well good morning to you too!" Febronia said kinda yelling. And Ereni said just nodded also giving THE look. "Oh... It's morning?..." She asked looking at us for the answer. We nodded and she looked around the room but we know she sneaked a peak at the calendar and said "Well Good Morning and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY... TWINSIES!" She yelled and our eardrums almost burst. Twinsies is our nickname from her when we were together. "Thanks now let's go eat breakfast" "Let's go" Liz said. We walked out of our room and went to the kitchen to make Pancakes.

-Skip Breakfast-

Ereni P.O.V.

"Can you drop us home and we'll meet you at McDonalds in a few hours" Christie asked me and Febronia. Me and her looked at each other and knew what we were thinking. We were thinking Why but Ok. So we said at the same time "Ok get dressed and we'll take you..." They were standing there in a 'Thanks' look and I continued the sentence "Go.. Now!" I told them kinda laughing. They rushed off to our room and changed then we went after them and changed in these:




as for me and Febronia we wore the outfits we wore at the mall yesterday....



We all looked at each other with a 'You Look Adorable' Look. Then, we just walked down the stairs, to see my mom.

"Good Morning and Happy Birthday Girls!" My mother said giving us hugs and told our friends "Good Morning leaving so soon?" My mom asked the girls who were behind us.

"Ya we are gonna meet the Twinsies at McDonald later is that ok?"Merna said as a reply to my mum.

"Ya have fun!" My mom said getting an apple and toke a bite out of it. Just then my dad came down and said hey to the girls and told us " happy birthday... were u goin?"

"Dropping the girls home and thanks!" I said and took the keys off the table. Usually Febronia drove because she was like 5 minutes older not that it made a difference but still...

-5 Minutes Later-

Febronia P.O.V.

"Bye girls see ya later love ya" Christie said.. I dropped Christie first cause her house is closer. Then Merna and then Liz. "So what you wanna do today?" I asked

"Oh Shit we have work today!"

"Oh yeah but we have an hour there, Then, 2 hours before meeting the girls so let us get rollin" I said turning on the car and driving off.

-At Work!-

We walked in and it was dark we turned the light on and everyone jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE!" We were shocked.

"Oh My Gosh" We said at the same time and we looked around the room there was food and on top of the runway was a sign that read 'Free Style Fashion Show' we loved when that happen but it rarely happened so we were excited. "OMG THANKS SO MUCH!" I said it was amazing.

"Happy Birthday Girls" Our manager William said walking up to us and walking away. Once he left we realized there was a line. "Happy Birthday" Olivia said to us and next was Emma, Emily, Mia, Melanie, Maddi, Madison, Mason, Toni, Nicole, Adam, Mario, George, Daniel, Jack, and the other staff, models, and the rest of the crew! It was amazing. After the Birthday wishes we just talked and stuff and in like ten minutes after we entered we saw Liz, Merna, and Christie! They looked around and spotted us, smiled and walked over to us.

Christie P.O.V.

Me, Liz, and Merna were helping throw a surprise party for her there were two. One at the Fashion Show area and her own house. Her parents were back there finishing the decorations. So we went to the Fashion Show Party and we were dressed in this:


Merna: http://www.polyvore.com/lace_white/set?id=76479990

Liz: http://www.polyvore.com/cuuuuuute_outfit/set?id=76315130

We arrived and looked around for them and found them they looked adorable in this:

Ereni: http://www.polyvore.com/crazy_outfit_for_story/set?id=70179358

I'm guessing Ereni changed before coming to 'work'. Febronia already looked pretty so yeah! We walked over to them told them our Happy Birthday to them and gave them there presents. I got her a....

Haha Cliff Hanger Sorry I will update tomorrow or maybe later today! Love Ya guys I'm starting Adoption again! YAY!  Love Ya Styles!!

-FeBrOnIa 1DLoVeR

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