A Dream Come True

It's Febronia and Ereni's Birthday and they get tickets to MOVE to the UK. They go and see a poster saying that none other than Lou Teasdale needs 2 assistants. They right away go to help Lou... See what happens!


7. Arrive At England

~Skip Plane Ride~

"Plane 265 is now getting off" The lady behind the desk.

-We Get Off... BLAH BLAH BLah-

"Ok where are we gonna stay?" Febronia asked Ereni.

"I don't know... let's go ask the lady" Ereni said as we walked over to the lady behind the desk.

"Excuse me is there a hotel near by?" Febronia asked.

"Ya would you like a cab or a limo?" The lady asked and Ereni and Febronia looked at each other.

"Limo" They both said at the same time.

"Ok the limo will be here in 30 minutes please wait until it arrives" The lady said as she finished something on the computer probably the limo reservation.

"How will we know which one is ours?" Ereni asked.

"The limo driver will have a sign with your names on it... Which is...?" She said waiting for an answer.

"Febronia and Ereni" Sarah said.

"Thanks now if you can go sit over there..." The lady said and we nodded and we left to go to the seats with our suitcases.

"OMG look over there" Febronia said just as we sat down.

"Where" Ereni asked.


"Oh... OMG!" She said as she saw the poster that read 'Lou Teasdale: Need 2 assistants'

"We need to go apply" Febronia said and we walked over to the poster. It also read, 'Tomorrow' and there was an application beside the poster. We put our names down and we walked back to our seats.

"It's been 30 minutes is the limo here?" Sarah asked.

"Uh...." Febronia said as she looked around. "He's over there let's go" We grabbed our suitcases and went to the limo driver.

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