I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


9. Chapter 9

*Jades POV*

I've been reading all day. Louis hasn't really bothered me. The book grossed me out...I'm not really into this kinda stuff. I've only gotten up once to change into some Skinny-Jeans and a sweater. I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I had my lip ring in. I only have it because I went shopping with Zayns girlfriend,Perrie Edwards,and her band. They talked me into getting the left side of my lip peirced,so that's why I have a hoop on my lip. 

Louis says he loves kissing me with the piercing,he says it feels weird,but in a good way. 

I ran my tongue over my bottom lip,feeling how cold the black/silver piercing was. 

It's around 6PM,so it's beginning to get dark. Louis has been watching Football (soccer) all day. 

I just begin a new chapter as the door flies open. I don't bother looking up,thinking its Lou. 

"What book is that?" I hear a familiar voice ask,and I look up to see the One Direction boys (Including Louis) standing around the bed. "It-It's...uh...nothing." I say,my face red. I try shoving the book under the pillows,but Harry's large hands grab it away in a swift movement. 

"50 Shades of Grey. I'm surprise you're into this stuff." He says,the others holding back laughter. "I'm not! I already read the only other series in this house!" I say,trying to defend myself. "Whatever,just hug us. We missed you!" Niall says,and they all climb on the bed. 

I sit up,hugging each of them individually,except Lou. He kissed me,commenting the comeback of my lip piercing. 

"When do you guys wanna leave?" Zayn asks,his phone in his hand. "I still have to get ready." I say,motioning to my outfit. "8? We can hang out here for a little while." Harry says,and everyone nods. 

We sit in the living room for a bit. Niall sat on one end of the couch,munching on popcorn. Louis sat on the other end,with me in his lap. Harry sat between us,Liam and Zayn on the other smaller couch. 

 My legs were bent,my feet on Harry's lap. We had on some random show,nobody really watching. Louis held me tightly,as if he were scared to let go. 

"I'm gonna get ready." I say,seeing its a little after seven. Louis lets go,and I run upstairs. 

I throw on a dress that end just above the knee. It's strapless,but not very fancy. It's plain black but fitting. I let my hair down,then remember my wrists. I check the cuts from earlier,seeing they've become scabs. I read that there's a way to semi-hide scars and cuts. I grab different types of makeup,rubbing them over the scars. They mainly disappear,barely visible,except for the two from this morning. I grab a large bracelet,knowing it should cover them. 

I hear a knock on the bedroom door,then hear it open. Perrie walks in,a smile on her face. She closes the door,then rushes over,hugging me. She's my closest friend. She has on a red dress,similar to mine. Her matching heels cause her to tower me. "You look gorgeous!" I say,smiling. "So do you! Zayn said I should join you guys,since my band isn't busy. I missed you!" She smiles. 

I finish my make-up and throw on black heels,checking my appearance one last time. "The piercing looks great by the way." She says,and I smile slightly. 

*Louis POV*

As Perrie ran upstairs to see Jade,I decided to tell Harry about my most recent discovery. I pull him aside,the other three not noticing. 

"She only weighs 105 pounds,Harry." I say,biting my nails.

"Jesus. Doesn't she eat?!" He says in a loud whisper,but not loud enough for the others to hear. 

I shake my head,but don't get the chance to speak. 

Perrie and Jade walk down the stairs,side by side. They both look amazing,but my eyes are on Jade. 

"Damn." Harry says,and both girls face turn pink. "You both look amazing." Zayn says,pulling Perrie to him. "Agreed." I say,taking Jades hand in mine.

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