I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


8. Chapter 8

*Louis POV*

I woke up from the nightmare to a loud scream. It was Jade. Her face was buried in my arm. Thunder rumbled and the only light was from the dim flashlight. "I'm scared." She whined,her voice in a whisper. I pulled out my phone,seeing that it was 7AM. 

"Why are you up this early?" I ask,sitting up. 

"I dunno. I just kinda woke up." She shrugs,peeking out of the 'fort'. 

"Babe,Nothing's gonna attack you when you get out. It's just a storm." I chuckle,and she makes a face. She crawls out,me following. 

The phone rings,making her jump. "It's Harry." Jade says,reading the Caller ID. She tosses it to me,and I answer. 

"Hey Harry."

"Are you two still going to the club with us?" He asks.

"Yeah. Jade probably won't drink though." I say,glancing over to her. She sticks out her tongue before going to the kitchen. 

I hear glass breaking and shouting coming from the other end of the line. "Sorry about that. I knocked over Liam's lamp. Well...I have to go before I get punched. Bye."

*Jades POV*

My left wrist hurt like hell. I told Lou that I just 'woke up' for no reason. But I had actually been up since 6. I had cut lightly with a razor,but only twice. During the second cut,the lights flickered,causing me to jump,and making the cut a little deep. Not deep enough to pass out or go to the hospital though. Thank God. After that I cleaned up and went back to Louis. But the thunder was so loud I couldn't fall asleep. I'm absolutely scared of lightning. It always seems like its going to strike the Flat. 

As Lou talked to Harry,I decided to get breakfast. We still don't have much food. I cut up some fruit,throwing it in a small bowl. I made Louis some of his favorite cereal,then took my fruit up to our room. 

I had two books I wanted to read. The first was 50 Shades of Grey. The second was Mortal Instruments:City of Bones. I have already read all of the Mortal Instrument I chose 50 Shades of Grey. 

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